Post 1082: “Duck! He’s got the flashy thing out, Dougy!”

Oh, to catch the kitty boys off guard! Photographing them is an exercise in stealth that they mostly win.

Andy enjoys the warmth of the lamp!

Andy enjoys the warmth of the lamp!

"Oh no! The flashy thing!" Andy alerts Dougy.

“Oh no! The flashy thing!” Andy alerts Dougy.

Dougy gets the message.

Dougy gets the message.



18 thoughts on “Post 1082: “Duck! He’s got the flashy thing out, Dougy!”

      • There are days like that my friend. We suffer through and maybe tomorrow will be better. I sometimes have to lift Kali over to her food bowl but when my wrist and/or fingers are going through a fare up I can’t rip my substitute sugar packets, never mind lift a 12 pound cat. Shoko would be horrified if I tried to lift her but Kali likes it. cats!!

        • I took the boys to the groomer yesterday, and the new station wagon proved to be just the answer to my problem of lifting both cats in one carrier into a car. When I had to slide it in sideways into my sedan, it was hard on the back. Putting it in the station wagon was simple and straight forward. Same with my walker when I take that. (I use the walker if I have to walk a long distance, and the cane for shorter walks.)

    • When I was an active birder, one of my birding buddies said she thought the bird book everyone needed most was the one that showed the tail end of birds flying away! You got it right!

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