Post 1095: we are not alone…

Living with cats is to never be alone.

Dougy likes to hide in the skinny box and snatch "prey" when it walks by barefooted.

Dougy likes to hide in the skinny box and snatch “prey” when it walks by barefooted.

Andy watches from the recliner.

Andy watches from the recliner. Creepy!

26 thoughts on “Post 1095: we are not alone…

    • They are fairly wild in certain circumstances. Dougy loves to be skritched, of course, and if he isn’t through with this favorite activity, he will reach out and snare me with his claws!

    • Yes, and closing the door isn’t an answer. In my case, I hear pitiful yowls tiny paws scratching and reaching under the door. It’s hard not to laugh and just give in!

  1. Just right now the postman came to my crib – and guess who has to sniff around the door right now …
    But I am just glad, I was there to get my parcel from the UK, it contained a present for my cousin!

    • LOL! Andy and Dougy run to the door when they hear anyone there. Of course, if it’s someone delivering a package, they want the box…NOW! I know that they will greet me at the door when I come home, and follow me around all day. Of course, they take long nap breaks, but mostly it’s somewhere near where I am.

          • For a little while I escaped surveillance … I first lay down with the female, whose shift it is, on the bed, fed her some treats, then I went to bake a pancake (German pancakes are slightly larger and fill out the whole pan, they SHOULD be thinner, too!). Ate it with jam (apple-rosehip jam, not selfmade but self-bought) – and the cat fell asleep in between. Now, having returned with a yoghurt dessert (plain yoghurt with cherry jam, selfmade by a friend of mine from her own sour cherries) and a coffee (or something like that …) I am alone. But might not be for long, I think I heard one of them stirring … 😉

          • Woohoo – it is male surveillance time again – tom is stretching to be ready for his shift. Maybe a quick visit to the toilet room first – stands there undecided – YES, it is the toilet.

          • Male surveyor got terrified (he is no hero, this tom of mine) by people on the staircase … the little one just sneaked up to remind me that she thinks it is time for her treats … well, at least she thinks so!

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