Post 1157: The boys always greet me at the door…

No matter what time of day or night, Andy and Dougy always greet me at the door when I come home.


Dougy looks out while Andy comes running.

18 thoughts on “Post 1157: The boys always greet me at the door…

  1. This is a lovely photo. So very welcoming. The girls don’t bother getting up when I come home unless I’ve been gone a long time. Then Kali greets me at the door and yells at me. Like…”and where have you been all afternoon. You have responsibilities at home…stay here from now on.!” haha


  2. I remember my little cat, “Joey” used to hear me come in and would come running to jump beside me on my bed as I was taking off my work boots. He would always come across the room at lickety-split speed meyowing and muurrping all the way until he could get beside me and start rubbing against me purring like mad.

  3. So nice ! My persian lady does that too, welcomes me with enthusiasm ! My white persian before her was not pleased at all, because she could not understand that I could leave her, so she hides herself to show how unpleasant it was for her ! She hides herself under the cushions of the sofa, and came, to forgive me, some hours after … sometimes we could hear sleeping profoundly ! Lovely ! ( and funny but not for her, so sensible )

    Kisses for kittens 🙂 🙂

    • I’m glad they tolerate my absences because I know Persians tend to be very fussy about such things. I guess you and I are lucky to have kitties that know we will return, so don’t get too upset when we leave for a time!

    • If I’m going to be gone for a short time, I might, but I usually turn the lights off. In this instance, I wanted to get a photo of them doing their greeting routine. It was shortly before the sun came up, so I turned on the light so I could get the photo.

      • Aaah – you see, I am just curious like that – when you come home and the light is on, I know I wouldl be dubious. I might have just forgotten to switch it off, of course … but what if it wasn’t me?

        • It can happen. Sometimes I have a light on that I’ll forget about after the sun comes up. That light may stay on if I leave the apartment and don’t notice it’s on. I try to avoid it, however. I see what you mean about it might be someone else who you’d rather not find in your home!

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