Post 1159: in for the night, so the kitty boys’ wait is over…

I enjoyed my 50th high school reunion events over the weekend, so the kitty brothers did a lot of waiting at the door till I came home. At least that’s the impression they left me, and I didn’t notice any messes or evidence of mayhem when I came home.

use me margie.jpg

I was a bad boy and had two margueritas…

92516 ME.jpg

I had a great time!

92616 boys at door.jpg

The boys met me at the door, of course. (Dougy and Andy seem disappointed with me since I had the margies….!)

92616 use me boys ready to sleep.jpg

They were ready to sleep, but they followed me to the recliner and assumed their watch positions.

92616 use me asleep boys.jpg

Then they fell asleep!

20 thoughts on “Post 1159: in for the night, so the kitty boys’ wait is over…

    • Thanks! It was a great time, one I’m glad I took in.

      Yes, Andy and Dougy are just as charming in real life as they are in their photos. Well, more so, since I can only capture a bit of what they are like. (And they have fur that is as soft as cashmere!)

  1. What great fun. Seeing all the peeps from high school. This is something I’ll never be able to do. I have been away from the area where my school was for far too long. Besides, they pulled down the school and built a mall. I was never one of the “in” crowd anyway.


    • Neither was I, which is why I waited so long to attend one of these affairs. One of my classmates (who lives in Denver but is on the committee that organized this reunion) brought me from Denver to Scottsbluff when I was still in the therapy phase of my recent illness) and I had a great catch up visit during the trip, and I decided then I would try the reunion this year. And, indeed, I had several great catch up visits with several people at the reunion!

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