Post 1243: mini videos I took of Dougy…by accident

I use my smart phone exclusively to take photos these days because it is easier to download photos off it and because it does a better job taking photos in poor light than my little Nikon point-and-shoot.

Sometimes, however, I get videos by accident. Here are two. One is Dougy in his hidey hole. The second is Dougy coming out of his hidey hole. Better sit down if you can’t handle being underwhelmed! LOL!


Dougy thought he was about to be photographed because I turned on the camera’s light. He expected a bright flash, which he hates! 


14 thoughts on “Post 1243: mini videos I took of Dougy…by accident

    • It might be the video format. I was surprised, actually, that they downloaded on my blog post. Too bad, too, because they show Dougy’s eyes very well. Maybe I can e-mail them to you.

    • If I knew I was making videos, I’d make something with a little story at least. Since I am without a decent editing app for the time being, any videos I make on my smart phone will have to be edit-in-camera style videos, which requires a bit of planning, something kitties might not make possible!

    • The kitty tower is something I bought for the kitties when they were brand new to the house, and they didn’t use it, of course. I never got around to tossing it or giving it to someone else, but stuck it in a corner to get it out of the way. Dougy apparently liked the new location and took it up as his favorite hidey hole.

    • LOL! The gremlin involved with my smart phone is the one holding it taking pictures! Of course, when I want to do a video, I fumble around a bit before I get it turned on. I will have to play around with it a bit more. There’s a shooting technique where you edit in camera by planning your shots. I don’t have access to editing app just now so what I shoot is what I get, extraneous stuff included. Adding music or removing audio that might run afoul of copyrights is another feature I don’t know of being possible on my smart phone, a tool I’ve had only since May and have yet to master….

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