Post 1242: Andy in repose…

I caught Andy early on today and gave him his medicine. Later, after the sun came up, Dougy and I played wand toy games, but Andy wandered off somewhere. My curiosity got the better of me. Where is that little guy now?


Dougy wanted to know where Andy was, too, and he followed me in my search.

Dougy wants to know where Andy is,  too, and he follows me in my search.

There he is! Andy! Ain't he "purrty"?

There he is! Andy! Ain’t he “purrty”?

Yeah, looks like a boy cat with all that lint and dirt on his mug! That’s one of the hassles about being a Persian kitty, though: lots of static electricity in your fur this time of year! (Looks like I need to do some vacuuming in the guest bedroom….)

I woke him up in his sink nest, so I "scritched" his ears and rubbed that yummy spot in between his eyes!

I wake him up in his sink nest, so I “scritch” his ears and rub that yummy spot in between his eyes!

That was fun! I get to wake up a kitty! Andy is confused. Was he happy to get “scritched” and rubbed or not? I think so!



16 thoughts on “Post 1242: Andy in repose…

  1. We are starting to have the effects of static here to, I can ground myself i the metal chair arm but I have been able to explain static to the cats. A couple of nose touches have resulted in zaps, then hisses and bats. I have to watch for that now.

  2. OMC We have lots of static in our furs too. Mommy keeps sayin’ she needs to ‘member to fill and turn on da humidifier to moisten things up, but alas…Hopefully she ‘members today. MOL Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

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