Post 1244: “Snoopy is a dog…”

Dougy is perpetually curious about everything. The in joke is that he’s an inside kitty because if he were let out, he’d follow his nose to Fargo before he looked up.


Snoopy is a dog. Dougy is snoopy. Therefore, Dougy is a dog!

LOL! (That’s what I say to him when he’s snooping around. He hates it!)

Well, today, Dougy was true to form. What had his curiosity…?


"What?! What!? What!?" Dougy must know.

“What?! What!? What!?”

Goodness! Such an intense curiosity about something on the light stand...!

Goodness! Such an intense curiosity about something on the light stand…!

Yes, it was my cup of coffee. "Kitties don't like coffee, Dougy, no matter what you see in 'Garfield'."

Yes, it was my cup of coffee. “Kitties don’t like coffee, Dougy, no matter what you see in ‘Garfield’.”

Never mind. Dougy didn’t want to drink the coffee, he just wanted to know what was in the cup in case it was for kitties.

You never know, eh? It could have been for kitties! Dougy must know.

25 thoughts on “Post 1244: “Snoopy is a dog…”

  1. Every morning I have my coffee and every morning it has to be inspected just in case it’s not coffee but something for cats. Cloud used to head butt like Lavinia’s Abby until the day he got an entire cup of coffee all over him. He didn’t lke the yelling but was very happy for the towel down he got.

    • Oh boy! That’s wake you up! I haven’t had that happen yet, but now I will be a bit more careful where I put my cup down! Either one of my kitty boys is capable of doing that.

  2. At least he is only interested in sniffing the coffee. Abby likes to shove the cup up my nose while I am drinking it. She jumps in my lap and butts the cup with her head while I am in mid swallow…

  3. My catz don’t like coffee either but that does not preclude them sticking their noses into or onto ANYTHING I eat. Guess they are making sure it is safe and also making sure I can’t eat anymore cuz it has kitty cooties. They are so helpful in trying to make me thin. I ask ’em why cuz I’ll be less warm and cuddly….no replay. I say kitties don’t like that…no replay only more insistence on “snooping”. I yell go to hell all of you and they jump to my feet and throw up in protest and the vulgar profanity. Only catz get to swear. The rest of us are supposed to sit quietly and make a lap and every three hours it is; FEED ME! Happy Holidays to you and your Boyz Doug. ~~dru~~

    • LOL! I got a huge laugh out of this comment! I’m sure w all have put up with similar behavior from our kitties! I have to watch Andy in particular. If he snoops at what I’m drinking or eating, oftentimes he’ll sneeze on it. Talk about instant kitty cooties!

  4. When we got Snoops from the shelter, they told us that she was shy and would probably take a bit to acclimate. From the time she got in the house, she was getting into everything. Hence the name Super Snooper. She’s even brought up “treasures” from the basement.

  5. Yeah, mommy luvs her coffee too. She’s always hollerin’ “Don’t get your fluffy furs in my coffee.” Hmmmpht Sometimes we wonder who she luvs more. MOL Not really, we would win, hands down.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

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