Post 1253: …just enough snow!

Snow came in the bottom part of the storm door because I forgot to put the glass down after a nice day when the fresh air was welcome. Not to worry. It  was just enough snow to get the kitty boys excited!


Andy tasted it, Dougy sniffed it, and I was grateful the huge drift all along the ramp to my neighbor’s front door was there and not in front of my front door, which it often is!


27 thoughts on “Post 1253: …just enough snow!

    • I’m fine but I’m dealing with a computer problem…AGAIN! Oh well. I have a connection by some magic. I think my router is defective. So, for the time being, I have to connect my laptop directly to the modem till whatever and the cable company gets it worked out.


      • i am now using my iPad as century link has raised their prices for their internet service and I refuse to update to the m ore expensive package for their lousy service. It will not run my computer and everyone elses iPads and phones here so I have turned off my iMac.


      • I’m limping along. Not in the mood to go through Charter’s automatic help system just now when I just want to make an appointment since I pretty much know where the issues are. I’m turning it off and saving my power and my patience for now. No play time on the computer till it’s fixed.


    • The “solution” turned out to be the same old band aid of unplugging and waiting for a few seconds before re-plugging the modem and re-plugging the modem to the WiFi gizmo then punching the button that activates it. Not a very technical explanation of what I did, but I didn’t get a computer to become an IT specialist. I probably would be happier if I went off line permanently, but that is increasingly impossible for anyone living in the 21st Century, eh?!


    • I haven’t seen mice around here – thank goodness! – but there are cottontail rabbits. I don’t know if Dougy would be brave enough to try to catch one of those! Neither Andy nor Dougy is frightened by much.


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