Post 1255: ARGH!!! Router issues this time.

I am sick of the problems that come with computers. Now I can’t use my wireless connection to the internet because of a messed up router (I think it’s called).


Dougy is mad!


In the good old days when I worked, I’d just call my company IT guru and he or she would struggle through the mindless, soul-sucking task of getting things to work again. And they got paid good money to do it!

Now, the mindless, soul-sucking business falls on me, probably the least patient person on earth! I’m amazed, frankly, that I managed to get a direct connection to the Internet through my modem. That was too easy, though I have to sit on a folding chair because the cable doesn’t reach to a comfortable chair or desk.

Further, I had to disconnect the power line to my laptop because there aren’t enough power outlets by the modem, etc. for just one more electronic gizmo.

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  2. I hate computer problems my friend. My hooves are just not made for disconnecting and connecting wires. Squeals I feel your pain! But on a happier note – don’t forget y’all are spotlighted today on my blog. Don’t forget to check in – if you can ❤ XOXO Bacon

    • I’m glad I resolved my computer issues so I can do just that! I need something fun to help me restore my usual upbeat outlook. I guarantee that even with opposable thumbs, I dislike all of the wire business because there are so many of them and I have to figure out which ones I’m dealing with, then put them back in the right places. Ugh!

    • I’ve re-established my connection, using the unplug, wait, then replug method the provider’s automated system recommends. I have no confidence it=n it, of course, but it works for now.

        • I agree totally with that. It is a regular enough issue that I view it as a management problem more than a technology one some days, and that isn’t how the carrier people want me to star thinking. They aren’t the sole providers in the town. Darn close, but not the only…!

    • I have little (“no”) patience with computer woes, especially when they involve crap technology that apparently is so complex it inevitably fails. That said, I did manage to re-establish the connection for however long it lasts.

  3. I have constant trouble with my modem and four different techs from my internet provider have no clue why. I do, the equipment is cheap junk. Their servers are bad too. The only consolation is they are better than Comcast.
    They don’t seem to get it that I was the IT guy and they can’t fool me.

    • I suspect the same is true with the crap my provider set me up with. I was a quality analyst and involved in things like ISO 1001 quality management processes, so I tend to see problems I’ve had with the modem and WiFi over the years as a problem the provider hasn’t adequately addressed. At one point, the problem was a modem that was obsolete when they put it in and that had some design issues that resulted in failures. When I brought my connectivity issues to their attention, I learned that, and they “solved” my problem buy putting in one of the new modems that had better reliability. Up till then, however, they were happy to put a crap modem in this customer’s home till I whined about problems with it! That is a very poor way to address customer satisfaction issues with their service. Unfortunately, they pretty much are the “good” provider” in my area.

    • No, but I have some IT gurus as friends who’ve contacted me. I did manage to re-establish my connection to the Internet and the WiFi function on my own, but only after I set the problem aside and slept on it. It was as simple as “unplug, wait x seconds, re-plug, and wait for the blinking lights to settle down” and “re-connect the modem to the WiFi thingy after pushing and holding one of those buttons on the side, then waiting for the blue light to come on” things that is simple but maddeningly maddening for the cost of the service that fails from periodically.

    • I have little connection with children these c=days, but some friends who are or were IT people where they worked have contacted me -by e-mail – which I found after I figured out what I needed to do to re-establish my connection to the Internet and to restore my WiFi. One has my phone number and is calling me later today. I will welcome his thoughts on the problem, perhaps resolving the matter in future. Sometimes you need a person who knows the shortcuts providers use to save money so you can talk with those providers to encourage them to serve their customers first instead of their shareholders, which I suspect may be the case here.

    • I would like to get rid of all the technology involved and return to the blissful ignorance of being off line! Unfortunately, once you are on line, you become addicted to the simplicity it promises for paying bills, keeping up on your banking accounts, ordering merchandise, etc. etc. etc. As long as everything works, you don’t become a victim of malware, identity theft, and other woes and technical issues, the technology is wonderful.

    • Amazingly, I am connecting with you in Australia this morning from Nebraska. Yesterday, you were in another world I couldn’t reach. I’ve managed to figure it out because the problem was an old one the provider’s never mastered, yet the old solution still works. I regard it as a failure of customer satisfaction efforts. they probably feel clever to set up an automated phone system that “resolves” the problem pooping out the old solutions to the problem they still have: the band aid solution that covers the problem up till the next time.

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