Post 1252: Andy’s kryptonite…

Andy is a serious little cat. He is very “kool”. But he has his kryptonite, and it is a good “skritching”! I “skritch” Andy, and he gets so overwhelmed he actually licks my hand! Andy just doesn’t do that ordinarily. Not “kool”!


"So?!" Andy truly doesn't care if we have an interaction or note. He'd prefer "not" at this moment!

“So?!” Andy truly doesn’t care if we have an interaction or not. He’d prefer “not” at this moment!

"Gonna 'scritch' you, Andy!"

“Gonna ‘scritch’ you, Andy!”

"No! No! No! Not the 'scritch'!" Andy tries not to drool...!

“No! No! No! Not the ‘scritch’!” Andy tries not to drool…!

"Don't make me lick you!" Ha! Ha! I suspect Anduy is about to be "unkool!"

“Don’t make me lick you!” Ha! Ha! I suspect Andy is about to be “unkool!”

Yes, before it was over, Andy licked my hand! (And drooled! Hee! Hee!)

18 thoughts on “Post 1252: Andy’s kryptonite…

    • LOL! Sneaky! Andy bites when you “scritch” him in certain spots on his chest, but lately he’s added licking to his repertoire, which is much preferred, regardless of where that tongue has been. I’m in the habit of washing my hands regularly, especially after cat contact anyway since I’ve been in the habit of infection control dating back to my initial flare and treatment for Wegener’s granulomatosis in 2003.

  1. My wife is allergic to cats so I try to ignore them when we are visiting someone who has cats. To avoid getting cat hair on my clothes. Every time I do that the cats are jumping up in my knee and make themselves comfortable

    • Cats regard it as bad manners to look directly at them. When you try to avoid contact with them, you are showing them you understand it is bad manners to look directly at them, which makes you more desirable as a contact! Strange but true. If you want to keep them away, stare directly at them and act like you want them to come to you. They will regard you as some one to avoid.

        • Hope it works for you. It is counter intuitive, yet it is one of those things people who don’t want cats to come over to visit them mostly don’t realize. Each cat reacts differently to people, of course, an you probably will meet some that will come ver come hell or high water or the rudest stare you can not make! LOL!

          • I should add that my wife takes medications when we visit someone who has cats. It’s worse with horses like when we are walking in the woods and meet one.
            Thanks for your explanation! I am fascinated over how we interact with animals

  2. Hehe 😀
    Persians are the best. I had a couple of them before I got into my chihuahuas. ‘Lill The Pill’ my ginger tiger (rare, I was told, because of her female gender and colour/markings). She had such a character and would rush down the stairs to me from her perch on top of the boiler right near the window where she’d do bird spotting! She brought me much happiness as I see your boys do you. Wishing you a positive 2016, Doug!

    • The boys’ mother was a tabby-marked Persian with nearly ginger fur. There was ginger in it, but her overall look was more toward the brown. In certain light, you can see reddish overtones in Andy and Dougy’s fur.

        • How true! Andy and Dougy are smoke Persians, and their fur can look everything from soft grey to blackest black, depending on how light hits them. I think of them as black cats, but that is debatable.

          • I can appreciate that! So am I. Dougy, especially, gets impatient with me when I’m on the computer because he wants to play. Andy uses the daytime for sleeping mostly. As a matter of act, Dougy’s meowing at me right now, though he just left the room, apparently convinced I won’t play. I better play!

    • Yes, and Dougy doesn’t resist it like his brother does. Andy has become less resistant to “scritching”, but he still tries to give the impression he doesn’t want it. Yeah, sure!

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