Post 1272: so Dress Up Your Pet Day lands on Caturday this year…

Andy and Dougy would not enjoy the dress up part, but Caturday is the best of times from their stand point: I’m usually home most of the day, and they get to use me to their fuzzy heart’s content!


This photo comes from The Top Ten of Anything and Everything, which can be pulled up at this link: . 171cd123-d65a-4115-b3fd-8fd3f6df6b17


30 thoughts on “Post 1272: so Dress Up Your Pet Day lands on Caturday this year…

    • As they say when they put on their French accents, nevairrrrr!! I think dressing pets up is cute, but it isn’t something I’d attempt with a cat wearing those sharp, point things on the ends of their toes! (And both my kitty boys have them!)

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    • I think it’s fun and funny myself, as long as the pet agrees to go along. I know my two well enough to know they’d panic and be very upset if I tried to dress them up. In Andy’s case, where I pay good money for medicine to help him control his high blood pressure, stressing him out by trying to dress him up would be counter productive!


    • Exactly! Same here. The closest I came to dressing up one of my cats was when I PhotoShopped red sunglasses on Andy. He definitely wouldn’t have put up with me doing it in real life. He’s a very serious little kitty.


  1. As you saw on Facebook, I love dressing my cats 🙂 We have one of these pirate costumes too that they wear on pirate day in September. I only put them on long enough for a photo shoot and only on the ones that don’t seem to mind. I do pay well, in treats.


  2. haha…this kitty is cute as a button. I can’t see Shoko liking being dressed up like this. It would be a struggle and I think she’d win. Kali would just shake things off. Although a laid back kitty, she can get quite annoyed.



    • Yes, and I can see why people want to dress their pets up. What a laugh! On the other hand, it’s OK only if the pet has a good time doing it, too. They definitely let you know how they stand on the issue!


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