Post 1258: Caturday plans are predictable…

The kitty boys waste no time on Caturday plans because they pretty much do the same thing each time: laze around, then sleep!


Post 1257: What? Dougy is a toy piggy?!

Yes, Dougy stars again. Andy’s been sleepy and resting, sleeping, or just observing from the sidelines when I have the smart phone out to take photos.

Like this time, when Dougy brought me the mouse tail part of the Cat’s Meow toy neither particularly likes to play with. Dougy’s very excited, though, about the tail! And I’m impressed that he brings it to me.

With a little work, I’ll have him to fully retrieve it and bring it back to me. He’s getting close!


Woo hoo! Dougy's ready for Freddie, as we used to say in my family!

Woo hoo! Dougy’s ready for Freddie, as we used to say in my family!

Andy's watching, but he knows Dougfy is a toy piggy, and won't share.

Andy’s watching, but he knows Dougy is a toy piggy, and won’t share.

Pretty exciting now, but Dougy wants something more...!

Pretty exciting now, but Dougy wants something more…!

Andy wants to play. Dougy, of course, continues to hog the toy. He notices, Andy, though, so takes the rec;liner. Score two for Dougy! Andy lookeds like he wants to watch, now, from the recliner!

Andy wants to play. Dougy, of course, continues to hog the toy. He notices, Andy, though, so takes the recliner. Score two for Dougy! Andy looks like he wants to watch, now, from the recliner!

Yep, Dougy the toy piggy!


Andy will find something else to do. A nice kitty treat sounds good, so he prepares to go over to the kitty food area for a little cheer!


Post 1256: …back to kitty cats, which are much more fun!

Though I have no confidence in my Internet connection, I do have one again, thanks to doing the little things that re-establish connections, little things that my non-technical attitude towards computers and their peripherals make me think are band aid fixes, not reasonable answers to delivery of a service to a customer.

That said, for now I am back to delivering what my “customers” expect from me: kitties, kitties, and more kitties!


Dougy is upset because a friend and I used his ottoman for a desk...

Dougy is upset because a friend and I used his ottoman for a desk…

Dougy came over to set things straight! (He ignored my friend's attempt to pet him. How rude!)

Dougy came over to set things straight! (He ignored my friend’s attempt to pet him. How rude!)

Yes! Dougy scratched on his territory to let us know he was upset AND that he expected us to stay off the ottoman!


Yep! Dougy took his ottoman back. But he only stayed on it a short time…


…before he decided to go elsewhere to clean his “precious”.

That Dougy! Hee! Hee! He doesn’t like to be watched when he cleans his “precious”, so I watched AND photographed him, just for you!

My friend wonders why I call Dougy the naughty kitty and Andy the nice one, but this little display gives her a glimpse of Dougy’s naughty side.


Spotlight Thursday – Meet Andy and Dougy

Andy and Dougy were featured yesterday on Piglove’s blog. If you are unfamiliar with the blog, here’s a chance to get a taste of the fun you’ll find there! Yes, the interviewer is a Vietnamese potbelly [pig with lots of personality and a pig-like curiosity about everyone and thing else. Take a read:

Post 1255: ARGH!!! Router issues this time.

I am sick of the problems that come with computers. Now I can’t use my wireless connection to the internet because of a messed up router (I think it’s called).


Dougy is mad!


In the good old days when I worked, I’d just call my company IT guru and he or she would struggle through the mindless, soul-sucking task of getting things to work again. And they got paid good money to do it!

Now, the mindless, soul-sucking business falls on me, probably the least patient person on earth! I’m amazed, frankly, that I managed to get a direct connection to the Internet through my modem. That was too easy, though I have to sit on a folding chair because the cable doesn’t reach to a comfortable chair or desk.

Further, I had to disconnect the power line to my laptop because there aren’t enough power outlets by the modem, etc. for just one more electronic gizmo.

Post 1253: …just enough snow!

Snow came in the bottom part of the storm door because I forgot to put the glass down after a nice day when the fresh air was welcome. Not to worry. It  was just enough snow to get the kitty boys excited!


Andy tasted it, Dougy sniffed it, and I was grateful the huge drift all along the ramp to my neighbor’s front door was there and not in front of my front door, which it often is!

Post 1252: Andy’s kryptonite…

Andy is a serious little cat. He is very “kool”. But he has his kryptonite, and it is a good “skritching”! I “skritch” Andy, and he gets so overwhelmed he actually licks my hand! Andy just doesn’t do that ordinarily. Not “kool”!


"So?!" Andy truly doesn't care if we have an interaction or note. He'd prefer "not" at this moment!

“So?!” Andy truly doesn’t care if we have an interaction or not. He’d prefer “not” at this moment!

"Gonna 'scritch' you, Andy!"

“Gonna ‘scritch’ you, Andy!”

"No! No! No! Not the 'scritch'!" Andy tries not to drool...!

“No! No! No! Not the ‘scritch’!” Andy tries not to drool…!

"Don't make me lick you!" Ha! Ha! I suspect Anduy is about to be "unkool!"

“Don’t make me lick you!” Ha! Ha! I suspect Andy is about to be “unkool!”

Yes, before it was over, Andy licked my hand! (And drooled! Hee! Hee!)

Post 1251: A Christmas greeting from a couple of cats…

No, not Andy and Dougy (though they do wish you a blessed Christmas), but from my friend Deborah’s Charles and André, here in a holiday photo slide show.

“Meow! Meow!”

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

 Deborah assures me Charles enjoys dressing up, and that he purrs while in costume. On the other hand, Dougy and Andy prefer to walk around in their birthday suits!

Post 1250: it was a meaningful service…

Born 23 March 1941 Died 19 December 2016

Born 23 March 1941
Died 19 December 2016

My sister Kathy and Shannon, my niece, were able to attend our brother and uncle Dick’s funeral in Smith River. She reported to me:

Dick’s service was really nice, with big rolling waves in the ocean in the background. It was a very stressful day for us though.  We were running late, there was a big accident on the freeway that slowed us down, and Shannon got stopped for speeding.  She got stopped at 12:45 and the service started at 1:00.  I started crying and told the patrolman we were trying to get to my brother’s funeral and were late.  He said we were only 15 minutes away, and let her go without a ticket. 

We arrived just as they were bringing the casket to the grave site.  I’m not sure, but there must have been 120 or so people there and at the potluck afterwards. 

We didn’t get to talk to family too much, but I was able to talk to Adrienne [Dick’s wife].  She said that Dick knew it was time to die, they talked about it, said their good-byes, and he passed away in his sleep at home. 

Two of Dick’s friends sang an Indian song at the service, then Steve, Annette’s husband, sang a song at the potluck.  [His son-in-law and daughter] Everyone I talked with mentioned what a good guy Dick was, and how respected he was in the community. 

I had hoped to spend more time with the family, but we had to get back on the road shortly after eating since Shannon had to go to work Friday.

The cemetery where my brother was buried is on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean, a tranquil and beautiful place. Though this is a sad time for my family and me, I feel blessed that Dick was my brother.

Thank you all for your thoughtful comments, and know that I am OK. Sadness doesn’t cancel the joy of the season, which, for Christians, marks the beginning of the holy season that ends with the resurrection of Christ. I’ll spare you the sermon but life must go on. It is Christmas Eve. I am at peace.


Post 1249:OK! OK! Let’s play!

Dougy and I continue to have a difference of opinion about his expectation that I drop everything and play with him. In time, I get to it; he expects instant gratification or he’ll whine piteously till he gets what he wants. Of course!



Hint! Hint!


“You want a good ‘scritiching’, Dougy? That hit the spot, boy??”


Dang! Dougy’s pouting now. I guess he wants more than a good “scritch” or two!


Woo hoo! Dougy gets his way!


RAWR! Dougy scores again!