Post 1283: Ugh! I have to take the kitty boys to the groomer today!

Andy and Dougy get a spa day and haircut every other month. They are very good boys for their groomer, Athena! (So I’ve heard….)

Long-haired pets have a problem of poop getting caught in their “tail feathers” if they don’t have what’s called “hygienic trims” in that area. I started having them trimmed after months of stepping in little poop bombs dropped around the house, poop bombs that fell off their tail feathers.

I think they were a bit older than one when I started taking them to the groomers. This time of year, it can be problematic. Take a look at what I saw outside my front door this morning. (You know that’s Dougy sticking his nose out the door!)



I guess I can back my car up to the door. It will be later in the day before they scoop walks of clear the lane of snow. That’s my car on the left. It’s about fifty feet from the front door, and the carrier with two kitties is too balky and heavy to carry that far. Besides, I use a cane!img_20170124_022539