Post 1318: thanks and a new way to wear ears…

This blog has grown faster than I can keep up with in one important regard: I’ve gotten way, way behind in thanking new people who follow it. When new follows were rare, I sent a personal thank you to each new follow. It was the polite thing to do.

If you haven’t received a personal thank you from me when you signed up, please accept my apologies for being negligent. I do appreciate each and every one of you! Please accept this less personal but heartfelt “thank you” now. Thanks! Heck, have a hug on me, too, because you are special!

This blog nearly doubled in followers in the past ten months, something that amazes me, frankly, since it is a simple blog about kitties, mostly, and an occasional aside about me. Now that this aside is over, here’s what you come for: Kitty cats! In this instance, Dougy and his new ear style.


Traditional style ears.

Traditional style ears.

Styling it1 Dougy's new fashion!

Styling it! Dougy’s new fashion.


As Dougy’s guardian, I told him he wasn’t going anywhere wearing his ear that way! Scandalous! So I folded it back into traditional style before he polluted Andy with his silly ear style. What’s next? A catnip leaf tattoo? You have to nip these things in the bud. 

Post 1317: …but!? Do you have to do that on the dining room table?

All kitties enjoy perching. Whether it’s a bookcase, the counter, a box, or just a piece of paper on the floor, a kitty will glom onto it and take care of downtime kitty activities.



What’s Dougy doing on the table, besides stirring up the clutter?

Why, taking a kitty bath!

There is Jackson Galaxy, who turns cats from hell into little angels, then people like me who turn little angels into cats from hell. You’re welcome, Jackson!

Post 1316: after lunch, we go find a place to rest…

Andy and Dougy eat from the same plate most days, but other days they take turns at the plate. Regardless, they always take time to clean up afterwards, then take  a rest.


Andy ate first today, then sat on the cottonwood slice. “Where to go? Where to go”

Oops! Here comes Dougy! Andy hopes he keeps on moving. Andy moves on while the getting is good!

Andy ends up on the PC, a favorite high perch, and Dougy climbs onto the kitty buggy, which he likes for his high spot. Now they can clean up in peace!

Post 1315: Andy’s fine day, Part 4…

We finally conclude Andy’s fine day. When I left you, there was a surprise coup at the new box.



Yes, Andy took the box from Dougy! It happened so fast I couldn’t keep up with it. Dougy ran off to the dining area, but Andy enjoyed the spot he held first, the new box.

Dougy comes back, but Andy doesn’t pay attention to him. He has new attractions to explore!

 Dougy, being a naughty kitty, finds something to occupy his time, too. Bad kitty!

In the meantime, Andy returns briefly to the new box, where I give him a good nose rub.


Andy likes this a lot!


Is this the end of Andy’s fine day?

You kidding? Andy hints at what he wants next…


Yes, it’s kitty food time, hint, hint!  Andy stands by the dry food bag, but that’s not what’s on his mind.

Dougy wanders off to his afternoon nap, but Andy has to do one more thing before he takes his: climb on the table! BAD KITTY! Someone’s watching his naughty brother for suggestions on how to be bad!


 I called this Andy’s fine day, but there was lots of fun for Dougy, too. I know you need to know that.

Post 1314: Andy’s fine day, Part 3…

The other day was warm enough to leave the front door open all day. The warm breeze coming through the screen door attracted the kitty boys and me into the kitchen. 

After I finished washing dishes, I stayed in the kitchen because I knew the kitty boys were sure to show up, but I didn’t know just how much activity I’d get to document for you till it was all over!



Yes, when you last were here, Andy was “hiding” in the bag by the little desk! But what was Dougy up to?

There’s a racket outside, so both kitty boys meet halfway between the two attractions, the new box and the empty bag. That soon loses its appeal, but the brothers stay in the warm sun, enjoying the breeze.

Andy returns briefly to the empty bag, gets in, then gets tangled in the straps getting out. The bag follows him to the open door…. Dougy returns to the empty new box. Or does he? 

 Very confusing! Something happens so fast I have to stop to sort it out. Whew!


 No! That’s Andy! Andy takes the box back! That’s Dougy fleeing the scene!

And we come to another stopping point. I told you that recent warm day was a busy one for the kitty boys!

Tomorrow, the conclusion of Andy’s fine day.

Post 1313: Andy’s fine day, Part 2

Dougy showed up at the new box just when Andy began to enjoy the peace and quiet (that is, “lack of Dougy”) that allowed him a casual bath in this contested spot.



To review where we are in the story… ~ “Uh oh…DOUGY!

Yes, Dougy would show up at this very moment. He’d been taking his midday nap and it was time for him to explore for something to do. Hmm. There’s Andy in the new box. Dougy does what Dougy does: He challenges Andy for control of the new box!

Andy gives the box to Dougy with little more than a mutual sniff exchanged between the two. Good kitties! Of course, it has a lot to do with another opportunity. Andy saw the bag over by the little desk, and it needs exploration!

If you’ve followed this blog very long, you know that Andy’s “hiding” in the last photo. LOL! Many the times I’ve trapped Andy to give him his medicine when he “hid” under the guest bedroom bed but left his tail hanging out!

That warm day in February was very busy, I fear. I will have to leave my tale hanging out, but I’m not hiding.

To be continued tomorrow!

Post 1312: Andy’s fine day, Part 1…

Sorry for the late posting today. Andy commandeered the laptop to watch videos for kitties, and I couldn’t work on it till he was sated. (Not that he’s pushy or spoiled or anything…!)

That said, it was a fine day yesterday, warm enough that I left the front door open most of the day. All that fresh air and the open door attracted the kitty boys into the kitchen, and Andy came first.



Andy wanders into the kitchen while I finish up washing dishes.

Andy scans the scene. Curiosity takes effect for this wee kitty! Then he notices something to explore…

 Looks promising! It is something he thinks is very exciting!


Kitty food! Lots of it! (Rats for lack of an opposable thumb. Rats!)

Then Andy notices the new box…! And Dougy’s not around to mess with him!

The perfect time and place to take a bath! Andy’s enjoying the moment, the warm breeze coming in through the front door, and the simple fact Dougy’s not around to bump him out of the new box. Life is sweet!


Uh oh…DOUGY!

Will Andy resist Dougy’s pressure to yield the box? Will there be a scuffle? Or will there be a peaceful box transfer from one brother to the other? 

To be continued… tomorrow!

Post 1311: prey…

You know the look. Kitty is tense and alert, ready for the chase!


What’s the big deal? Why’s Dougy sneaking around?

Ready to pounce! He senses a chase!


Yes, Dougy’s waiting for Andy to walk by, then… POW! Wrestle him to the ground! (He barely can contain his excitement!)

Andy knew what was coming, so he held his ground on the box. [ I took this before I finished vacuuming, I see. Ugh!]


After a brief chase, Dougy went to his hidey hole in the guest bedroom. (I took his spot on the recliner in his absence. Clever me!)

Later , the kitty boys chased each other till they got worn out. A good chase was had by all!

Post 1310: Dougy will decide when…

Dougy usually stops by to let me know he wants to play “wand toy”. On the other paw, if he’s not in the mood, don’t waste your – or his – time!



OK. Dougy doesn’t want to play!

We tried again a bit later, but Dougy apparently is on strike!


Shortly after I took those photos, Dougy decided he was a kitty cat after all, and went crazy chasing the wand toy! Whew! For a moment, I thought Dougy forgot how to get his kitty on!







Post 1309: Dougy misunderstood…

When I turned on the television, Dougy thought he was about to see birdies. 

Not this time. I believe in sitting through presidential speeches and press conferences, no matter what. This time it was – the speech in Florida – the one that sounded like a campaign speech for 2020.

[Groan!!! Put a bullet through my head. Now!



“Where are the birdies?!”


Somebody’s kitty is not happy.


Dougy’s Plan B. Worked for me, too.