Post 1259: it is here, ready or not — 2017!

We, the kitty boys and I, slept through the start of the New Year, but were right on track for our standard 1:30 AM kitty food time. Neither Andy nor Dougy would have it otherwise!

Speaking of Andy, he’s not had much presence lately, so today’s montage features¬† Andy, period. Dougy is happy for the rest from posing and acting in blogs. “Gimme a break, man,” he said in Catinese, or so I think.


So what was Andy up to this morning when I photographed him on top of the PC? Trying to avoid me because it was time to give him his medicine, of course! (He was upset, too, because he had a gross eye booger that shows up in the close up, but I caught him before he could “clean up”! )

Happy New Year

from Andy, Dougy, and Doug!