Post 1271: pussyfooting…

There is a subtle ballet we play here. No one wants to upset the other  – except when we do – so we do a lot of pussyfooting around to avoid conflict.

Today it was me yielding the footrest on the recliner to Andy. Then Dougy showed up but let Andy stay on the footrest. After staring at each other for a bit, Andy left for the guest bedroom rather than “force” Dougy to shoo him off the footrest. (And Dougy was just about to that point, even though he was comfortable on his ottoman…. It’s that cattitude thing.)



Andy arrives at the recliner and gives me the “Move it, buster” stare. He wants the footrest! Yep! That’s my legs he’s stepping over! I move my legs.


“That’s better. And don’t you forget it!” Andy lets me know the footrest is HIS! I’m crosswise in the recliner, my legs over the arm.


Uh oh! Dougy arrives, and it would be like him to kick kitty butt! Andy’s, to be specific. Andy’s on the alert.


The silent stare down commences…


Andy knows his brother. His brother knows him. Today, though, Andy decides not to risk Dougy chasing him off the footrest.


Andy hops down and runs into the guest bedroom. Dougy simply rolls over and takes a snooze on the ottoman. Victory is his! He can take the footrest later. Maybe.

Uh oh! Now Dougy's giving me the stare down!

Uh oh! Now Dougy’s giving me the stare down!

23 thoughts on “Post 1271: pussyfooting…

  1. pilch 92 – I’m sorry, but I accidentally deleted tour comment before I could read it. The delete function is too easily clicked on buy accident, a feature of WordPress I’d love to have them fix! It upsets me when this happens because I appreciate all comments I get, and yours are always welcome here! If you want to try again, I’ll promise you I’ll be much, much more careful with my mousing technique.

    Incidfentally, I enjoy the amazing and fun content of your blog, and include the link here as a way to encourage those who don’t already follow you to give your blog a look see. I bet they will follow! (It’s the least I can do for accidentally deleting your comment accidentally.)

  2. MOL….these two have the *evil stare* down pat. Very good Dougy…yours is the best evil eye of you two. Now, you have to work on your *stink eye*. This stare is a bit harder cause others must see just how mean you can be if you don’t get your way.


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