Which common house and garden plants are poisonous for your cat?

Excellent information in this post for anyone with pets that might sample the houseplants. I’ve seen lists like this before, but this goes into detail about what is toxic to your pet and how your pet is affected by each plant. I personally don’t keep plants around that I know might cause problems. Dougy isn’t much of a problem, but Andy is notorious for mouthing things.

Post 1270: …in which the kitty boys settle into their post kitty food routines

The big event of the morning is kitty food time. Yum! How the kitty boys like that!

After scarfing down their wet kitty food, they settle into their morning routines. (Known as “doing nothing”.)


That’s what Andy did.

Dougy was very pleased the recliner wasn’t claimed by man nor beast.

It was all HIS!