Post 1273: trepidation…

This has opinions related to the presidency of Barack Obama and the impeding presidency of Donald Trump. You may not agree with this, and I will not discuss the merits of one over the other beyond those opinions expressed here.

The blog title hints at where I stand, and those with a different opinion may skip to the kitty content and spare themselves an upset. That’s the least I can do for those who come here for a some light kitty fun to lighten their day.

Dougy's ready to pounce!

Dougy’s ready to pounce!

A bit of context, now. Those of you who’ve read the “who I am” page realize “weggieboy” (wegg-ee-boy) is no joke. I don’t yank the waistbands of others or I’d be “wedgieboy” (wedge-ee-boy). I remind you of this because I want you to realize I am serious today, not some juvenile pranking his buddies. I have a disease that didn’t kill me at least three times when it flared, a disease that most recently sent me to the hospital with end term kidney failure. That’s pretty serious.

Further, I was an English/Journalism/Advertising sequence major when I attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Specificity, accuracy, correct spelling, word meanings, and other arcane business are important to me, though I sometimes post errors in my blog. I have, however, found errors in years old posts, corrected them, and reposted those posts. I am anal that way!

Among the people I respect and count as inspirational is my cousin Sharon, the publisher of a weekly newspaper in Hyannis, Nebraska, a village in the beautiful Nebraska Sandhills. She shares my compulsions, of course. She’s a journalist!  We also have one of those cousin things. Though we are 10 years apart in age, our bond is our mutual interests, family (of course), and values that go back a lifetime. She is one of my favorite people, someone I respect very much. Yeah, I love my cousin, too. She’s great!

Her newspaper, the co-star of the video (above) with Dougy, has the usual things you find in a newspaper  and more – sports news, news about town, special editions for Christmas, Sharon’s incredible “Cattle Edition” which features histories of Sandhills families involved in ranching in the county, and a lively editorial page.

Her newspaper came in the mail yesterday. I read it this morning. I found this editorial, in which she expresses trepidation about the next president of the USA. As a person with a serious health issue, I share her trepidation. Yeah, that concern specifically, but many more about existential threats to American sovereignty and our variety of representative republicanism.

Sharon wrote an editorial about her trepidation. Toward the end, she mentioned my father, a life long Republican who voted the last time before he died for the Democrat Barack Obama. If Sharon hadn’t told me what she relates in her editorial, I would never have known that about him. His reasons had a lot to do with his policeman’s ability to judge character. The question my cousin poses is what would he have thought about the candidates eight years later, especially the character Donald Trump? And he is a character. As for his character, I have trepidations.

Sharon’s editorial… img_20170114_090240-2