Post 1303: Andy sleeps…

I find sleeping kitties fascinating. Good thing, too, since that’s a major kitty activity!


It all started when Andy was a kitten. Awww! He was such a cutie! I hadn’t watched the first video in years. The others I’ve posted before, but enjoy revisiting. I hope you enjoy them, too!

A question for you. The videos end with a selection of related videos (mostly) you can watch by clicking on the preview photo of interest. I have no issues with this preview business because many times they are my videos or ones that I find interesting posted on YouTube by other people.

On the other hand, Chris, my Texas friend who posts the interesting eclectic contrafactual blog about technology and other things I find fascinating, recently showed me how to turn those off. Which do you prefer? With or without the photo links?

47 thoughts on “Post 1303: Andy sleeps…

  1. Love your sleeping kitties! Reminds me to capture some video of my own babies. I have one very loud sleeper. I swear she would be on a cpap machine if she was human (which she kind of is).

    • Please do! I’ve made over 200 of my cats, some of which I’ve posted here. In fact, it is possible for readers to post their videos in my blog in their comments, and I welcome that! (If you first post them on YouTube anyway. I don’t know about other methods.) Perhaps you haven’t seen these two of Andy:

  2. Adorable! But to your question, it has never happened to me on your site but on some others the final video ads/links have included disturbing pictures. A nasty picture of animal cruelty could really ruin the mood. But then again it’s never happened to yours, so apart from that I like both.

    • Gad! I hope that never happens on mine! I think they are selected based on the content of what you just watched, though I think there might sometimes be outliers, randomly selected videos that relate to nothing you’ve viewed. Theoretically, mine should always pull up kitty videos. The title may be a selection factor, too. It’s a mystery!

  3. My husband and I just watched little Andy sleeping. We chuckled and chuckled. Such a cute little guy. ❤

    Angry-just-bathed Andy was a good watch too. My cat’s ears perked up as he heard Andy’s pathetic mews. Thanks for sharing your little fur bear with us! Love the name Andy too … Makes it like he’s a little purrson! 😺

    • Actually, he was named after the apostle and Patron Saint of Scotland, St. Andrew. It’s a nod to my family background, which is, mostly Scottish. Dougy (short for Douglas, of course) is named after me. When you read the posts I linked to elsewhere, you’ll learn naming for me is a family joke. Of course, since I named him after me, he’s the naughty one! LOL!

    • Thanks for the feedback on the links. A friend in Israel said she didn’t see the kitty video links there, but something that sounded like a young woman undressing….???? I have no control over that, but am surprised there might be something different on view there.

      I’m pleased you enjoyed the videos, too! I think they help give readers a different sense of what the kitty boys are like. Photos don’t cover the way they walk or react to their environment as well as the videos.

    • Thanks for that feedback! I personally do, too, because that’s one way other videos I’ve made get exposure, for one thing. For another thing, it one way I’ve discovered the work of other people, and I never tire of kitty videos!!

  4. They are so innocent looking when sleeping. Last evening Shoko went out of her way to be a s-it head and bug me. We went down in the basement with Kali, and Shoko proceeded to try and scratch the side of the chesterfield downstairs. Getting cwap from me she stopped and started chasing Kali, who hobbles about on her sore leg. This was met with a “NO” so she decided to bite Kali’s butt…..another “NO” from me as Kali went upstairs closely followed by Shoko. I was most upset with Shoko because it was one thing right after another. We went back upstairs where I was ready to push Shoko away from me and cuddle Kali. I sat down and Shoko kept tapping me on the shoulder. What’s with this gal? I had been playing with her and basement time is generally a happy playful time but Shoko went out of her way to make it a pain in the ass. Like I said they look so innocent when sleeping.


    • Oh no! I can’t believe Shoko was so bad kitty! Sound like you had quite a time. They do have their ornery times, though. Andy generally is a good boy, but Dougy can be petulant, scratching out his irritation at me when I don’t wait on him in a timely manner!

    • Only after I posted over two hundred of them did I notice there are themes, things that regularly attract my attention. Andy is a little angel when he sleeps, and I feel so much love for my little kitty when I see him that way!

  5. Sleeping kitty videos are always welcome! 🙂 I’ve never had a problem with the suggested videos at the end. In fact I’ve found some very interesting channels that way. Oh yes, the Bach was lovely.

    • Thanks for the feedback! Yes, I find those links helpful in the same way. As for the Bach, I find his music spiritually refreshing, a helpful way to clear my mind when I feel troubled. His Christmas Oratorio and St. Matthew Passion are two works I listen to, in season, to help me approach the holidays in the right way. I love Baroque music in general, but Bach is the best!

  6. They are so sweet! Love his purr while asleep. not sure if you mean the popup while the video is playing, or the suggestions after the video. Personally, I don’t like either of them which is why I purchased the Video option for my site. YouTube isn’t allowed on my pages.

    • I meant the suggestions after the video. I don’t like the pop up one that much, and it seems can change that one as well, though it is tied in with the featured video on the channel page, where it guide the viewer to the newest one or one the poster of the videos wants to highlight.

      • You should be able to stop those suggestions when getting the code to embed if I recall correctly, but I don’t use YT anymore personally. I remember YT years ago before the damned ads, and when you could actually design the look and feel of your channel. Greedy YT took all that away. Google!!

        • Yes, YouTube’s changed a lot over the years since I first followed it, and few of the changes are ones I care for. I do spend a lot less time there than in past, though there are a few YouTubers I still follow off and on, especially those who post cat videos. As for the code, Chris of Contrafactual blog told how to stop them in a comment to one of my posts. This one, I think. It sounds simple enough.

  7. Music has impressive touches on animals and also on dogs too… They have their own music too… I mean some likes Bach, some Chopin… My cat loves too but she doesn’t like rock music, 🙂

    • I’m glad you enjoyed them! I decided to see what response I’d get from the kitty boys if I showed them these videos. Andy was very interested in the one where he was still a wee kitten, but the one they both watched most intently was the one dedicated to Wanda Landowska. They seems to like something about JS Bach’s music. As a person who thinks Bach was the greatest composer of all time, that would please me if the were Bach fans, too!

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