Post 1371: a little springtime cheer up

One thing to do on a overcast spring day is to drive around to see the progress of the trees and flowers in shedding the winter gloom!

The kitty boys feel the season’s change, too, and enjoy the open doors that let in intriguing scents and sounds missing during the cold months.

(Note: I’m still having issues transferring photos from my smart phone to my laptop, so the photos are ones on file, not new ones….)  


Things are greening up and flowering trees have begun to show their springtime colors! 

The kitty boys begin to shed, are more active, and will enjoy the increased bird activity outside the windows and doors. For the time being, till the doors can be open longer and more frequent times, they settle for their cold weather activities.

8 thoughts on “Post 1371: a little springtime cheer up

  1. Hello Andy & Dougy kitties & your Papa! Andy & Dougy we look like we are related fur sure! You are super cute! Mom didn’t get to see me as a kitten, so it is a real treat for her to see photos of you when you were little ones. Mew Mew! It is has been super dooper rainy here, but finally the sun came out today. Pretty pink blooms are on the trees. Do you boys go outside or do you stay indoors like me? What kind of birdies do you stalk at your window? I hope we can become good pals. We Persians need to stick together! Mew Mew!

    • Andy and Dougy are brothers from the same litter. They had one sibling who died at birth, but there’s another brother and sister in the litter. They went up to South Dakota to live and (I’ve heard) don’t like each other. Andy and Dougy, however, get along together very well. They are indoor kitties because there are two major roads (a highway and a major town road) fairly close by and the usual hazards black kitties face because some people are hateful and ignorant about black cats. They have sweet dispositions, though they are a little shy around strangers.

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