Post 1370: this is what I have to give today…

I continue to have complications with my laptop and smart phone set ups. Gad I hate updates! On top of it, I hit the upper limit on my smart phone data – 5 GB.

Andy enjoys the leg rest on the recliner.

That turned out to be good news, though, because when I checked with my provider, I was able to upgrade to unlimited data at slightly less than I pay now because of a 15% discount veterans of the military get! It must be a new thing they do because I didn’t get a discount when I got the smart phone last year.

Dougy prefers the seat.

There is a long delay in photos transferring from my smart phone to my laptop. I don’t know if it is because of the data limit I ran into. Editing saves were starting to take forever. Perhaps there was an issue with paying extra for the transfer of images over my limit. I don’t know.

We’ll see. If nothing else, I have a couple days’ blogs worth of photos hanging around in the ether, waiting to show up in my email!

16 thoughts on “Post 1370: this is what I have to give today…

    • I was surprised to get the discount. I was just happy I knew where my discharge paper was so I could take advantage of it. I did have to go home to get it and make a copy first, and my all-in-one machine made me cough up a new black cartridge before it would make me a copy. Ha! Yeah, it’s fun sitting on the recliner because I always have company.

  1. Mr. Weggieboy, have you tried letting Andy or Dougy do some “smartphone”, diagnostics? Did you know that we kitties are “tech” savy? I optimize Mom’s website for her. Tee hee hee.

    BTW, Mom & loved you, Andy & Dougy’s t interview with Mousebreath & the Funny Farmer Felines! We just got done reading it! Purrs…

    • The mousebreath interview was lots of fun, and I’m pleased, too, you liked it! I try not to upset the kitty boys by making them do anything on the laptop or smart phone. They have enough to endure when my US Army vocabulary slips out…. Oops!

  2. Interesting about your photo problem. I have an iphone. I plug it into my computer with USB connection, phone mounts, and I just drag my photos out of the phone onto the computer wherever i want. No email or data transfer whatsoever!

  3. We absolutely had to come by and say “hi”. First because until recently two smooshy-faced kitties (tho we were cuzzins, Himalayans) lived at Zoolatry … and a big, jumpy Lab dog name of Doug. So, seems we have a wee bit in common … mmm.
    Nice to meet you two, now we’ve got to try and follow so we don’t miss any of your antics cause you are totally precious! Dougie Dog and Zoey (and sometimes Maggy the Magster) from Zoolatry … oh, and have a great weekend!

    • Thanks for your interest and enthusiasm! Andy and Dougy are Persian kitty brothers who are minor international kitty celebrities who let me share an apartment with them for services rendered! LOL!!

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