Post 1423: chairs…

Andy is an acrobat.

Dougy prefers the bigger surfaces of the recliner.Β 


27 thoughts on “Post 1423: chairs…

  1. I was going to ask you, are those gif files you sometimes use, or little movie clips (when the cats move), if so, which gif program are you using, or is it just a program in the phone?

    • I do it on my Android 6P (or whatever it is) smart phone. All I have to do is hold the shutter down, and it makes GIFs out of eight of the total when I select the “Animation” feature. I discovered it by accident!

        • Thanks! I thought so, too! Part of the problem is anticipating where the kitty’s going to move next . I use my smart phone for all my photos, and his automatically calculates time for the exposure based on light available. When it “feels” ready to take the photo – often a second or so after I hit the shutter – it takes the photo. Sometimes the blurred image helps create a sense of action, and other times it just shows a blur without meaning to the little story I try to tell most days. When I get a good photo of either kitty boy, one I like for clarity and that shows personality well, I feel really good about it!

  2. That is a great photo of Dougy’s beautiful orange eyes, and Andy looks very comfortable perched on that chair arm. Mr. Lucio cat is our acrobat here. He likes to find a way to get way up on top of the kitchen cabinets where he knows he is not supposed to be! πŸ™‚

    • Ha! Ha! I can see it in my mind! Lucio must be a very confident, brave kitty. Yes, I like that photo of Dougy for showing his eyes and pelage in pretty much the true colors. Andy used to “hang out” on the top of that chair when he was a wee kitten, but I haven’t seen him do it in years.

    • LOL! Poor doggy! I’ve heard of such things – confused identities from these sort of relationships, but it’s always interesting to read about new ones like this!

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