Post 1422: Andy’s current hidey hole…

Andy decided the towel hanging over the back of the chair by the washer/dryer created just enough privacy that he started sleeping under the chair. Never mind both kitty boys have proper kitty beds they never use!

Anyway, I decided if Andy was going to sleep under the chair, I should make it a bit more comfortable with a towel. Andy approves! 

24 thoughts on “Post 1422: Andy’s current hidey hole…

  1. Wow. I admire and applaud you for keeping up this blog and a smile on your face despite the desease. Your cats are BEAUTIFUL by the way. Keep on focusing on EVERY LITTLE thing that brings you joy and happinness and let the energy in. There’s NO SITUATION from which one cannot recover. Sending love and lights from Switzerland!

    • I believe you are the first one following this blog in Switzerland! (Thanks for the follow! I couldn’t find a follow spot on your blog.)

      Thank you for your comments. I tend to be positive in outlook, and enjoy my retirement, thanks to keeping busy and living with two spoiled kitties! Recovery is impossible from what I have. In fact, it will kill me eventually. The upbeat is I am comfortable with each “new normal”. In the meantime, I have a good quality of life, a wonderful and supportive family, good friends who also are supportive, and a belief in the possible.

  2. Andy looks very peaceful under that chair. The consensus here too is that sometimes only a soft towel for a bed will do. And they do change their sleeping spots frequently. With 9 cats, they all have laundry service, meaning me!

  3. Everyone has their own bed here as well as multipe cat trees and chairs which are pretty much cat only. Interestingly, they stop using the cat beds around April and I take them to the laundry and put them in storage.. At the end of September I put them out again and they once again use them.

  4. Preferences change. The most expensive cat bed I ever bought is still brand new after years as no one will sleep in it. Nothing better than a soft towel from Target! Yes, I tried the trick of the towel in the bed, but they are too smart for that!

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