Post 1429: random Andy stuff…

Waiting patiently for “wet kitty food” time…!

Andy loves to survey his world from the PC….

Dougy lost a little fuzz by assuming Andy would submit to him. Andy’s spit held it to my lap board.

Andy stood there flipping his tail: “Which plume do you like best?”


Andy oftentimes gets less time on this blog than Dougy. The primary difference is Dougy claims me and is always hanging out with me to make sure I don’t give attention to Andy.

Andy gets his time, though, and I can take his photo then! Or I can wait for a time he and Dougy interact. Um, “fight”!

23 thoughts on “Post 1429: random Andy stuff…

  1. On the second photo I hae the impression that Andy on the computer is saying the graces ( Benedicite ) before eating .
    Finally Dougy is more dependant and possessive while Andy is a fierce cat !
    In friendship

    • Me, too! Andy also thanks you for apprecviating his lovely tail, and he tells me to tell you, too, “Meow”!

      p.s. I recommend people reading this blog check out your very beautiful white Persians, Truffle and Brulee! They are soooo beautiful! And I know they are sweet, feel like cashmere, and are a joy to have in your life! I hope they are better behaved than my kitty boys…!

  2. Those tails are great dusters. Our tails are like sticks compared to Andy and Dougy’s tails. You must brush them like crazy. I am out most of the day but Kali hangs around mom. Just in case she does something interesting. So Kali is usually asleep or sitting on her mattress out on the deck. I am at the used car back yard looking for mice. Cow Kitty’s there too but he is way faster than I am and catches a lot of those furry little dudes.


    • Andy doesn’t require much maintenance, though he will get mats behind his ears and under his legs if neglected. Dougy, on the other hand, has a thick undercoat and requires daily brushing when his hair gets as long as it is now. Don’t tell him, but the dematting comb I use is meant for use on doggies! (It works really well, though Dougy doesn’t like me to use it.) skinny tails are beautiful, too! I had a tabby cat (Louie the ginger tabby) who had the most amazing tail! I think you may have seen this video before, but, for those new people who haven’t, here’s a really good look at that tail:

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