Post 1448: Andy in videos…

Andy is a sweet-natured kitty, but he has an ornery side, too.

The title of this video says it all!

Andy’s curiosity is boundless…!

I have to watch Andy closely when it comes to crinkly or clear packaging because he “mouths” it, and will try to eat it if I don’t take it away. Darn kitty!

Andy defers to Dougy when it comes to kitty playtime. I have to either play with him when Dougy isn’t around or wear Dougy down to the point Andy feels comfortable coming in to play. Here’s a time I found Andy alone and we had a great playtime!

This is my all time favorite Andy video. I’ve posted it before, but I post it now to remind us all that Andy, named after St. Andrew the apostle and patron saint of Scotland, is a genuinely sweet little guy. He’s a bit shy, but totally lovable. 

On the other hand, Andy is all cat! I hope you enjoyed this little tribute day to Andy.


I know Andy doesn’t appear as often in these posts compared with the more extroverted Dougy. This, I hope, helps remind you this is a two-cat blog, and Andy is a full partner in “kittiness” with his brother Dougy!