Post 1444: before…and after

Dougy before his grooming appointment, and…

…Dougy after his grooming appointment.

Andy is soooo ashamed of his brother!


Yes, there is no difference. Dougy was a very naughty kitty yesterday, and hid from me when it was time to put him in the carrier to take him to the groomer. 

That is to say, Dougy missed his appointment, an appointment that was very hard to arrange in the first place because of a shortage of groomers in the area and the increase in business that’s brought the kitty boys’ groomer. 

I tried to find him under a bed in the guest bedroom. He was there, but I couldn’t get him out. I shook the bed to scare him, and he ran out.

Of course, being a cat, I didn’t hear him leave, but the next time I looked under the bed, he wasn’t there.

I closed all the doors to other rooms then, and tried to find him in the rest of the apartment.

No luck! I was livid! I tried to call the groomer to let them know I couldn’t find Dougy so cancel the appointment. I called and called and called, getting a busy signal each time. 

Thoroughly pissed at the cat and the groomer by that time, I got in my car and drove over there to give them the message I tried to give them by phone. 

After telling the groomer about Dougy, I decided to take care of some bank business, take my car through the car wash, and get a breakfast.

An hour and a half later, I went home and opened the closed doors. The last door I opened – my bedroom door – Dougy walked out! I’d missed the fact he’d run into my room at some point, and I closed the door on him. 

Not a good day yesterday. (Secretly, I was  a little pleased Dougy had a miserable hour and a half closed in my bedroom. Bad kitty!)