Post 1467: an early start…


I was a bit worn out after dialysis Saturday, so ended up taking a “nap” around 2:25 PM that lasted till 9:30. That was OK with Andy, who slept the time away on my bedroom bureau. Dougy was more restless, giving me his “Wake up, Doug, AND FEED THE KITTIES~!” routine. 

So, I got up and fed the kitty boys. Bad mistake. Now they will expect a third feeding at 9:30 PM! I guess I’ll be expected to feed them again at 1:30 AM, too. Who knows? Who knows? 

After “kitty food time”, the kitty brothers found old favorite perches to clean their whiskers, Dougy on my walker and Andy on the PC.

 Then Dougy ran off to his flamingo-colored tub for a sit till it was time to move over to his ottoman.


Andy headed off to the end table for his repose.

Here it is, 11:39 Saturday night and we’ve done everything we do for Sunday morning! Now what? Go back to bed? I tell you, taking a nap in the daytime sometimes just confuses the order of things. 






Post 1466: Andy wonders where Dougy is…NOT!

Andy’s looking around. He knows Dougy’s on the prowl for something, maybe a kitty fight! 

Andy hears a commotion in the other room. Oh! Dougy’s not looking for a fight. He’s in the dining area looking for a way to get in trouble!


That’s just like Dougy, thinks Andy. 

All the better to get all the “scritching”. Dougy will have to just suck eggs if he thinks he’s getting all the attention! Andy is pleased.