Post 1439: an early greeting…!

Today’s not the big day for my Canadian friends, but I need to celebrate a day earlier because I have a personal celebration for tomorrow!

That said, July 1st, tomorrow, is Canada Day for my Canadian friends! I hope they have a safe, great celebration of the founding of their much beloved and respected country. There is a reason Americans abroad wear Canadian flag patches…! Ha!

The history of the Canadian flag is very interesting. Most people reading this may not realize it only became the official flag of Canada in 1965. But you can read about it all here:

HAPPY CANADA DAY, Canadian friends~

[…yeah, I know it’s almost here, but not today…don’t come back tomorrow for Canadian-themed greetings because this is “it”…no, I won’t give you a beer, now go away…(well, maybe tomorrow, but it’ll be American domestic!)…yeah, I know it’s tomorrow, dang it…SHOO, you Canadian pest!]



Andy doesn’t understand why he and his brother Dougy aren’t the “big thing” today!

(I tried to sing “O! Canada!” but quickly realized I don’t know the words!)

Post 1438: Andy gets his kitty on!

Andy has his own style of peacock feather play: He hides behind the chair and lets me know he’s there by saying “Meow!”

Yeah! That’s what I mean!



Then Dougy shows up to take on the other end of the feather! 

Good play time for the kitty boys!

Post 1437: Dougy defends his space!


Not that I’d dare use Dougy’s ottoman for my feet…! Dougy just becomes alarmed if he thinks I might put my feet on his ottoman.

OK, kitty! My feet are tucked back on the floor again.

Post 1436: poor Dougy…


These days poor Dougy hides in the dark. He hates dematting! It hurts! He protests, but it has to be done. I try to minimize the time spent each day dealing with his mats because I feel bad when I fail to remove the mats without hurting poor Dougy. 

The torture tool, the upset “victim”, and the output! Part of the problem is Dougy loves to be brushed, but he always rolls over on his right side a short time after I begin.

Guess which side has no mats. Yes, the left side, the one that gets brushed the most!

I have to find a way to brush Dougy’s right side more so the mats he hates having combed out don’t form. At this point, I think I’ll have to start holding him on my lap to brush the right side of his body.

Long-haired cats  are beautiful, but they have to have their regular grooming! And Dougy’s undercoat is especially thick….

Post 1435: ennui..and the good idea!


Peacock feather fatigue. Dougy’s trying to tell me something.

Even Andy (on the end table, right hand) senses the peacock feather (left hand, bottom) has seen its day when Dougy doesn’t respond to it any longer!


“I have  a suggestion, brother,” meows Andy.


Oh yeah! Andy’s suggestion gets Dougy’s kitty up! Watching birds in the fir outside the back window always raises their spirits!

Post 1434: front door lazing…

The kitty boys enjoy lazing at the front door when weather allows it! They even are nice to each other!

Of course, there are other distractions and opportunities.


Andy streaks off to take a nap under the chair in the bathroom, and Dougy…well, I have to stop that kitty boy’s expedition to the countertop. (Some things happen too fast to take photos!)


As always, I note am not compensated by nor do I endorse use of any recognizable brands in the photos.

Post 1433: Andy has proper kitty manners…


If you know cats, you know no cat stares directly at another cat or there’s a brouhaha!

Andy wanted my attention, but he also wanted to be polite about it. Nicely done kitty boy! Nicely done! (Notice the first and second photo from the top on the right – Andy sneaks a sideways glance at me! LOL!) 

Post 1432: Dougy wants some, too! He thinks….

Dougy’s ears perk up! Doug has something in his hands. Dougy suspects it’s meant for kitties, specifically Dougy the Persian kitty!

Dougy gets up to take a closer look. “Rats! Water!”


On top of it, it was flavored with lime. What a sad moment for my kitty boy!


[I am not promoting, nor am I compensated for featuring that specific water in my blog.]

Post 1430: Peacock feather time for Dougy!


Like the French for food, Dougy puts high value on presentation. Flash the feather in his face…meh! Hide it under the glide ottoman…YAY!


It’s mostly in the open, but Dougy loves to reach under things to get his “prey”.


PurRrrrrRrrrrrRRRR! Oh, does he love to stick his paws under things to feel his “prey”! It’s almost better than “catching” it!