Post 1460: …so stinkin’ hot!

Andy is tired of the stinkin’ heat, as am I. I’ve added something new to the air conditioning I turn on to help the kitty boys deal with the heat: old-fashioned ice! 

Yes, I brought out the cat dishes I usually use to give the kitty boys the water off of albacore and turned them into heat relief watering holes.

It’s a new enough heat remedy Andy has to contemplate it a bit first. (The kitty boys still have their water fountain, their regular watering hole, but putting ice in that might not be a good idea because it might cause problems with the little pump that makes it work.)

Andy tests it out…

…and decides licking the ice or drinking the iced water is a hot weather hit!

Dougy, on the other hand, finds ice in water a bit avant-garde for his tastes, though he did give it a lick. He chose to find a cool spot in the bathroom.