Post 1446: What? No peacock feather play for you today?

Dougy is a bit upset with me for combing out mats on his legs. He doesn’t even perk up when I say “Woof! Woof!” to him, the kitty boys’ and my “in joke”. (“Everyone knows we are kitty boys,” they meow back! “Aw, you make us ‘meow’ when you ‘woof’ at us!”)

So I poke the shaft end of the feather into his ruff. Neither he nor Andy can resist that end of the feather! RAWR! I think it’s a favorite because they can snag it more easily than the other end, and it has a satisfying crunch when a kitty bites on it!

That’s the spirit, Dougy! Get your kitty on! All’s well in Kittylandia again, the dematting ‘incident’ forgiven, maybe forgotten!

Now, where’s that other little rascal? He can use a dematting, too. “AN-DDDDDDY…! Here, boy! I have a big surprise for you!” (Where is that kitty boy…?)

The chase is on.