Post 1533: Andy enjoys the fir tree scene outside the back window…

He enjoys all the activity out in the fir tree, which attracts lots of birds wanting shelter or just a place to roost for a moment before going out for birdy business.

IMG_20171001_114050 (1)

“Whew! Did you see that?” Andy seemed to say.

26 thoughts on “Post 1533: Andy enjoys the fir tree scene outside the back window…

  1. Me & Mom always smile when we see pics of Andy & Dougy. Do you feed the birdies, Mr. Doug so they come into the yard? Mom feeds the squirrelygigs & birdies peanuts on the patio. Then they bury them in the garden. Tee hee hee!

    • There is a bird feeder that isn’t used mostly because of the housekeeping issues that causes. They still can bird watch out all windows, though, because there are natural foods available to the birds. They also like watching kitty videos featuring birds, mcoie, and squirrels!

    • Ye, sometimes the poor lighting makes a better black and white photo than a color one. That particular photo had a heavy orange cast to it that I didn’t care for and that I couldn’t tone done enough for my tastes.

  2. I just love that last photo. So much expression! It seems like a lot of the time the boys like to affect aloofness and remain “cool cats” but no doubt he was excited in that shot.

  3. I bet the boys see a lot of interesting things outside their window, Doug! I moved our bird feeder to the north side of the house so it will get more protection this winter. The cat furniture has been strategically placed for good viewing!

  4. that’s probably the purrfect christmas tree for cats… a fir decorated with birds … maybe that’s an idea? you could skip the annoying part with re-decoraing the tree after to holidays ;O)))

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