Post 1535: tired babies…

Dougy’s mug says it all. Exhausted!

Some days, the kitty boys are too tired to put on a show. Today is one such day. Andy’s already run off to find a quiet spot, and Dougy looks like he won’t last much longer before he falls asleep.

“But your fans expect something new each day, kitty boys…!” I protest.

Andy tries to sneak by…

“You can do something, Andy. Surely you can! Think about all those people all over the world who wake up expecting something fun from you and your brother.”

[Dougy gave up on the ottoman and sneaked away during this chat. Yep, headed for the guest bedroom and the guest bed.]

Andy asks, “How’s this: dozing kitty cat!”

Good grief! The kitty boys are not co-operating today and you didn’t come here to read about me!

22 thoughts on “Post 1535: tired babies…

    • For sure! And my two do have their moments. Dougy is a diva when it comes to riding in carriers, and Andy becomes one if a grooming session lasts longer than he’s willing to put up with.

    • You know your cats! They had been playing their chase game. Dougy, on top of it, spent most of the night trying to bug me while I tried to sleep, so I know he needed some sleep. Andy, on the other hand, just needed a light doze before he was up and at it.

    • That’s encouraging because that’s obviously the easiest shot to get! One of my favorite blogs features a tuxedo kitty that almost always is shown sprawled on her back and variations on that. I was surprised recently to open the link and see LuLu the tuxedo kitty girl actually standing on four legs!

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