Post 1549: Black Beauty is nearly ready to go!

I know, I know! I’m hesitant to declare it is so, yet it seems it just may be! Black Beauty, my VW Golf Sportwagen is about to be released to me after five weeks in the shop to repair damage from an accident that happened at the end of a trip my Dutch friend Marianne and I took to the Black Hills of South Dakota.

Whew! That sentence was almost as long as my wait for the return of Black Beauty!


Black Beauty in happier times: Will BB be back in that parking spot by tomorrow afternoon? It looks possible. It’s estimated the final work will be completed by this afternoon. Can’t wait! Living without a car in this area is a difficult thing to adjust to and five weeks without a car is a personal hell.


48 thoughts on “Post 1549: Black Beauty is nearly ready to go!

    • Me, too. I expect them to have it ready for me Wednesday this week, based on the last information they gave me. They better hope it is. Next step, a heart-to-heart brawl with their General Manager, who is son or grandson to the founder of the company.

  1. I must have missed about the car when I took a blog break when Phoebe was sick. I am glad you are getting your car back, that was a long time to be without.

  2. I know what you mean but this must be worse for you cause of your dialysis schedule. If I have a seizure I’m supposed to let the government know so they can take away my driver’s license for 6 months. I have seizures in my sleep when I do have them, so I don’t figure I’m driving while I sleep so don’t tell them. Up north here, it is pretty hard to get anywhere without a vehicle. The bus schedule is once every 2 hours so forget it.

    Here’s hoping BB is sitting in the driveway by next post.


    • Thanks, Jean! I hope so, too! There is bus service here. You call them, they pick you up at your home (or wherever you are at the time), pay a one way $1.00 fare. That’s the good news. The bad news is they don’t operate at 20 till six, when I typically leave to be on time for dialysis!

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