Post 1548: sharing the recliner…

“I see you!” An uneasy truce. The kitty boys warily share the recliner.


Dougy isn’t happy about it, however.

24 thoughts on “Post 1548: sharing the recliner…

    • Yes, they are littermates, born July 1, 2011. There was one in the litter that was born dead, another brother, and a sister. The brother and sister ended up together in a home in South Dakota, where they hate each other, I understand!

        • I’ve heard different things. I’ve heard that two related neutered male kitties do best together and related male-female kitties are the worst. I know that the person who had the kitty boys’ mother noticed Andy and Dougy played well together was wee kittens, and that is why she offered Dougy to me after I already had Andy. It’s worked out well! Their brother and sister reportedly don’t get along as adult cats. I think the main thing must be to observe how kittens play together and chose the two that play well together. I’m no expert.

          • Gracie, my newest, did not get along with her brother at the shelter. They thought they were about 2 years old. They were rescued with a large group of cats from a hoarding situation. Sounds like fits what you are saying.

    • LOL! Later on, Dougy resisted letting me have the recliner back after I got up to get something I needed to finish some paperwork. Bad kitty ! (I took advantage of my larger sie and took it back.)

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