Post 1556: G-Day


Andy feels the tension…


I’m a bit wound up today. My car is supposed to be ready for me to pick up after weeks in the shop for repairs of damage from my accident in Hot Springs, South Dakota, on September 15th.

My friend Craig’s driving down from Rapid City to take me back to Rapid City, where my car is being held hostage till I pay the bill.

There have been so many (upsetting) reversals in the process – wrong part ordered, knot head who didn’t make an estimate in a timely manner adding a week to my wait, and more – that I, frankly, hope I can be civil when I pay my bill. 


Black Beauty in happier times…

[G-Day = Golf Day, as in VW Golf Sportwagen]



52 thoughts on “Post 1556: G-Day

  1. Reminds me of the time my Chevy Celebrity had a cracked engine block. For some reason they had to get the new block from Texas (I live in Michigan). They ordered the wrong part (don’t ask). The part they got was damaged. I didn’t think I was ever going to get the car back.

  2. few things are as irritating as service repairs on a car. not to mention the fact ….. one always wonders if they’re being told the truth about ..what’s wrong….I actually had a service shop steal the spare tire; then claim it was never in the trunk to begin with ~~~~~~~

    • I had a situation once where they parked my car on the street. The spot was directly across the street from parking for a business that sold alcohol. One Saturday night, someone apparently came to the store already drunk to buy more alcohol. He or she backed into my parked car, leaving a huge dent next to the driver’s door. When I told the repair shop owner about it, he said, “How do I know it wasn’t that way when you brought it in…” That is to say, he said I was lying! I would have seen that dent every time I approached the car, which had already been in his shop for repairs six weeks at the time. What an a-hole! I never gave him any more business, and told all my friends about how he’d handle his responsibility for my car. Interestingly enough, after that he build a fenced area on his property to store cars waiting for repairs! Coincidence Possibly.

  3. You have to drive all the way to Rapid City to pick up your car?!! That alone would irritate me. I hope the weather is decent when you go out there: no freak blizzards, thunderstorms, heavy fog. And I think the dealership should send someone out to pick you up. In a limo!

    Really, it’s not like there’s an Uber running around the prairie. I do remember, you have to have a car just to do basic errands, let alone get to a medical appointment. Hope it all goes well and you get your Black Beauty back soon!

    • I got it today, October 25th, and it was great getting to drive again! There was a strong wind, but my car handles that well, otherwise the driving conditions were perfect! You are right about the necessity of a means of transportation here since there is only limited ;public transportation. When my Dutch friend came for her visit, for example, the closest she couldf get to Alliance was 57 miles away, and the last 3 and a half hours of that trip was ny airport limousine since the airline flying here and to the next town quit service (went bankrupt) three days before she was scheduled to fly in! I had to drive to pick her up.

    • Believe it or not, there are no cars to rent here except one at the Ford dealership, and it was already rented when I checked. My car was in the shop from September 14th through October 25th. Even if a car had been available, my insurance covers only 30 days and I have to rent from one of two rental agencies, neither of which has exists in my isolated town!

  4. Prayers for a smooth recovery of your beloved transport. I’ve been having chronic internet interruption for quite a while and suddenly in the past couple of weeks it got much worse. After throwing a tantrum they finally sent out a tech who knew his stuff. He called in and said he was replacing everything and promised me he would not leave until I had proper service. So I understand completely your desire to pitch a fit at all the SNAFU’s in the process, The internet is my lifeline, I pay my bills, do my shopping and keep in touch with everyone that way. I am sure the car is even more so a lifeline for you with you medical condition.

    • I love it! It isn’t the fanciest of cars, but the Golf is a fun car to drive. I can only imagine how much more fun it would be with the optional 220 hp engine given the 170 hp engine in this version is suffiecient to make me vulnerable to speeding and getting to know all the local state police and troopers and their American-made Dodge Chargers with police modifications (think Porsche)! I use the cruise control on the highways because this car wants to cruise at the top of the speedometer, that quirk of German-engineered cars. Anyway, thanks! (Hope my favorite Belgian kitty, Mr. Bowie, is coming along well with his eye. That always is a scary thing with cats. Dougy had feline herpes that periodically requires eyedrops.)

        • I found it safer even at the higher speeds. For one thing, Germans are much better drivers than Americans, and (mostly!) are very good about lane discipline. Of course, you have to take long courses on driving, laws, etc. Here, once you pass your first exam (which includes driving a short distance, a simple eye exam, and a simple written exam) you take a written test with 25 simple questions and get a 5-year license if you pass. If you don’t have any tickets in that five year period, you can renew your license without taking a test (written or driving)

    • So does Liberty Mitsubishi-Volkswagen of Rapid City, South Dakota, where their founder (Ernest Padnoe) stated the business objective of the company is “We smile when you come, you smile when you leave.” So far, there have been more frowns than smiles. While I have had excellent service up to this point, people with my health issues could be dead in the time they took to fix my car. (Not to be too melodramatic about it.)

    • Unfortunately, that is exactly true, Barbarella. I say unfortunately because I would like to wither them to cinders with my vitriolic rants, but that neither gets the car fixed any faster nor makes for better service in future. I hope to keep my tongue civil, therefore!

  5. imagine instead of the sun a big a$$ will rise tomorrow and it will sh*t on the head of this guys…that’s what I do when I have to be polite while a volcano is bubbling inside of me… good luck!

    • Thanks, Maureen! Today is the end of those irritations, and the start of the freedom that having a car gives. I live in a part of the US where being carless is extremely impractical and makes simple things like doctor appointments difficult to make. While there is a bus service operated by the city that is almost like a taxi (you can schedule a pick up) and only costs A US dollar one way to anywhere in town, things like my dialysis schedule require me to be at the hospital before the service starts for the day. I’ve been dependent on friends to get places, and can never understate how thankful I am for their good will!

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