Post 1557: I have wheels again!

Waiting for Craig, Andy amused me by sneaking a peek at Dougy’s box. At least, Doug thinks it’s his. 


Andy thought he heard Dougy, and scooted away to safety!

Then Andy heard Craig arriving, but was too much a scaredy cat to wait at the door till Craig came in. Onto the box he hopped! Safety at last!

I scritched the kitty boys and told them to be good while I was gone, then Craig and I gassed up his buggy and took off for Rapid City to fetch my car. 


I had a short wait at the service department, but I saw Black Beauty parked in the lot when I arrived at the dealership. That was sufficient to settle any anxieties I had about picking up my car. It spent from September 14th to October 25th in Rapid City, long enough for me to forget how to adjust the seat, for example. (It came back to me before I drove off, but it was iffy!)

The kitty boys greeted me at the door when I arrived from Rapid City. Their multi-colored fabric toy was at the door, which was different from when I left this morning. The kitty boys played their little game to spend the hours I was gone! (There was no blood, fur, or tipped over objects, so they were  – apparently – good kitties all day.)


Best of all, Black Beauty is back in its special spot, ready to be of service when I need to go places! It was a delight driving my car again.



55 thoughts on “Post 1557: I have wheels again!

    • I was surprised they worked out fuin to occupy their time, but probably shouldn’t be since they have had to spent lots of time with few contacts with people when I was hospitalized and in therapy last year.

  1. Sooo happy you have your wheels back!! I think the boys knew the trip was important to you and not your usual routine, so they decided to be good and do their thing in the best way possible. I hope there were treats all rund in celebration after you returned.

        • That’s so. I really enjoy driving this car. Even though it is a station wagon, it is zippy, handles extremely well, and has the benefits of handling groceries or cats in carriers with great ease. I’ve enjoyed other styles of cares in past when they matched my needs and interests at the stage of life I had them, yet this particular car proved to be the best match of all.

    • Thanks! It was an end to a tedious ordeal. Five weeks and five days from the accident to me picking up the car in Rapid City is just too long. There were slow downs because of wrong parts ordered and parts not ordered in a timely manner. I think the business could improve their repair service by simply thinking more about how their actions impact on completion of a job. I’d gladly do a session with them to help them point out and-or guide them to seeing these things more clearly from a client’s point of view.

    • LOL! Yes, a benefit for sure! Dougy freaks out a bit till you take him out of the carrier, then you have to watch him because he wants to explore the examination room (The veterinarian knows to close to the door when Dougy’s there! He’s been that way since kittenhood, and the first time he hopped off the examination table, I thought he was going to dash his brains out, but he landed on his feet, of course. Andy gets growly but generally is a good boy on the examination table. One thing that gets him upset, though, if having blood pressure checks. They cut the hair off either a leg or his tail (i.e. “My Sacred Do-Not-Touch!” tail), so, of course, his blood pressure invariably is high. The only time I’ve ever heard him growl is when his blood pressure was being taken., Usually, he is a quiet, sweet little guy.

    • Gad! Me, too! As noted elsewhere, I had a few moments where I had to relearn how to do simple things – moving the seat back! – but I thoroughly enjoyed the drive back. It is a fun car to drive. While I usually drive less than three thousand miles a year, I had that much on this car within seven months! (It has about 6650 miles on it now after 17 months, so I still don’t put a lot of miles on a car, fun or not.) Where it was especially fun was up in the Black Hills, with its twisty roads.

    • I suspect the staff at the dealership could verify I was getting pretty scary. I’m sure they were surprised how mild and pleasant I was once I came to pick it up. (Frankly, I amazed myself!)

    • Me, too, Donna! I was surprised how civil I was when I picked up the car, too. I’m sure the dealership people expected a customer from hell, but I already played that role in emails and on the phone.

    • That was the first accident in at least thirty years, and the one back then was when someone backed into my car – I had nothing to do with it. The last one where I was responsible happened in 1975. I’m a pretty decent driver!

          • Woof! I hope to see a photo in time of this lovely woofie lass! One of my favorite dogs blogging is Maggie, and I have a photo of this lovely dog – signed, of course – that she sent me when I was sick last year. Here, there is a strong bias against “pit bulls”, that general expression for all dogs with that look, and Maggie’s main faulty is she is too loving. (Unfortunately, her blog currently is down since her human is busy with classes, but that doesn’t mean I ever forget the moral boost I got from her photo and the kindnesses of her human, E.T. McManus, who wrote the book on how Maggie was rescued from a terrible beginning and became a beloved family woofie: MAGGIE, A SHELTER DOG FINDS HER HOME.)

          • Maureen said she will be watching our for the opportunity for a photo of the staffie girl. Bert is just watching out for the staffie girl – full stop. I was following Maggie’s blog for a few months but then it stopped, but I did enjoy reading it while it was up and running. There is a strong bias against pit bulls here too, but there are people trying to get the message out in public that it is the owners who are the problem, not the dogs.

          • There is a program on television here where the dog trainer emphasizes the role people play in how dogs behave. He uses a pit bull he trained to help other dogs with extreme behavior problems learn how to be good dogs and how to be social with other animals and people.

          • Seeing those programs, I see what a slug I am! Of course, I didn’t have any experience with kittens fresh from their mommy when I got Andy and Dougy, so I blame society. LOL!

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