Post 1665: The kitty boys can behave…!


Andy and Dougy share the recliner without incident.

[Andy, on back; Dougy, on seat]


“Brother Dear,” says Dougy, “Won’t you please join me in some jolly kitty play?!” “Perhaps in a moment, Dear Brother,” responds Andy, “Can you wait a moment while I clean my ‘precious’?” “It will be an eternity, Brother Dear,” sobs Dougy.

Whose kitties are these? They usually chase each other off the recliner.


19 thoughts on “Post 1665: The kitty boys can behave…!

  1. Maybe they are secretly the best of friends, but just put on an act for you that they’re not. We kitties are great actors, too, did you know? Tee hee hee.

    • They play well together when they are in the mood to. In fact, they made up a game they play with a colored strip of cloth that came off a wand toy. They use it like a gauntlet, then the rest of the game is each kitty chasing the other at high speed through the house. I find the cloth all over the house so I know they play the game any time the mood hits. It’s cute to watch! It starts with one yowling kitty insults at the other, then the insulted kitty runs out of wherever he has been, chases the insulting kitty till they switch places.

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