Post 1673: Andy poses…


Andy graciously agrees to pose as”Solar Cat”.


“Seriously, one shot was enough. That’s it, buster.” And Andy means it!

21 thoughts on “Post 1673: Andy poses…

    • It’s his pride and joy! He was VERY upset when the veterinarian technician shaved a spot on it to do a blood pressure check, yet not so upset another time when another one shaved a spot on his hind foot for the same procedure.

        • That was my question at the time. Apparently either is acceptable. I do know I’ll specifiy the paw next time because Andy was so stressed out by the tail business, I’m sure his blood pressure readings were higher in consequence. He rarely growls or hisses, but he definitely was doing both that time.

          • Andy was more tolerant of the hind paw being trimmed for the purpose and of the cuff.

            It must be unpleasant to an animal having that repeated pressure on a sensitive part, and I don’t have any idea how they could take blood pressure without causing the animal some discomfort.

            I personally don’t like the feeling of the cuff tightening when my blood pressure is taken, for that matter.

            As for “different countries, different customs”, the tail business was the first and only time I’ve seen blood pressure be taken that way on my kitty Andy. My impression is the paw method is more typical. I should define what I mean by “:paw”, too.

            The part the trimmed would correspond to the bottom of our foot, so the cuff wraps around what would be the instep and bottom of our foot. I think you may have understood me to say they cuffed the poor kitty’s toes and foot pads! That would very much be cat abuse!

            “Paw” is a bit too generic when describing how the procedure was done, I think now, though getting specific, with a mention of the metatarsi bones that get squished by the cuff to get the blood pressure doesn’t make it sound any less uncomfortable.

          • When I said paw, I meant “upper paw”, i.e. the “arm” really. You saw the video of my Spider having his BP taken by now and know what I mean. 🙂 Most cats are funny about their bottom paws and pads being touched or prodded, so the upper arm/paw should not be such a big deal. But the tail? Hmmm. Most cats don’t like their tails touched, never mind putting it into a tight vice and getting it squeezed, plus so high up near his butt, poor thing!!! I hope that my little video will help Andy at the vets next time, maybe you can show it to them.

          • I think it will, Barbarella. That makes perfect sense to use the upper arm, as in people, as it is closer to the heart. The video was helpful since what is conventionally called one thing on animals often is another thing anatomically speaking.

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