Post 1674: one of those days…


While watching a favorite kitty video, Andy gets an urge to hit the dry kitty food…except Dougy’s watching him!


He really, really, really wants that kitty food, but Dougy looks ornery! Andy can see “The Glance”, and it means a gauntlet to run if he’s to get those yummy pellets of kitty chow.

“Maybe I can sneak out the back way,” Andy thinks. “…but then the human will want to pet me!” Good grief! Andy is in a pickle!


Andy eventually got his kitty on and ran past Dougy. Dougy reached out and got a little pawful of Andy hair, but, man, that kitty food was worth it!

10 thoughts on “Post 1674: one of those days…

      • Oh yes – everybody loves kat videos! The human is always trying to get videos of me, but as soon as I see that IPhone aimed at me, I QUIT whatever I’m doing that’s “SOOOOOOOO CUTE!” 😹

        Those dang paparazzi never give me any peace!

        • Absolutely! Andy hops on the arm of the recliner closer to me, which is my way of telling me to show the kitty videos…NOW!

          As for making videos of kitties, it helps if the activity they are doing engrosses them so they don’t notice you are making a video of them. Lots of times, of course, what you want to film isn’t what you get, and sometimes you get something better than you were trying for! All that is to say that whatever you get is pure luck when it comes to our kitty and dog companions!

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