Post 1686: the nuns put away their rulers…

Wedgie Boys collage

The kitty boys are easy to sort out in this collage. That’s Wee Andrew in the upper left hand corner, then the rest of the kitty boys on the left hand side (and the larger cat in the upper left hand corner photo) are MacDougall. That means all those kitty boys on the right hand side are Wee Andrew.

Not to worry, though! I called off the quiz I promised you in Post 1685 yesterday and I told the nuns they could put away those lethal rulers…this time. Caturday isn’t a school day after all!

If you look at the photos closely, you can see how Andy has the narrower head and the yellow eyes. Dougy’s orangey-brown wide-set eyes give him a more classically typical Persian kitty look than his brother.ย They had a Persian mother and a Birman father. Dougy has his mother’s face and head, and Andy inherited a more Birman-shaped head.ย






26 thoughts on “Post 1686: the nuns put away their rulers…

  1. Oh, yes, I see it now. It is a good think that they are not identical, ’cause you’d have to color code them or something! Wow, a Persian momma and a Birman papa? No wonder they are so-o great looking! Mom doesn’t know what my kitty parents looked like. She just knows that I’m Persian. Hugs.

    • I’d call you a smoke Persian, like my kitty boys. The older they get, the more that smoke quality comes out in their coats. I bought two collars when they were kittens, two colors. Then I decided I wouldn’t make them wear collars since h=they live totally indoor. (They are micro-chipped, in case, and have their required vaccinations, too, of course.)

    • If you see them live and in motion, you quickly realize Dougy has a heavy front end and a a narrow rear end (thanks to hair in part), and Andy his a fluff ball. I bet you’d know them apart quickly and without any difficulty! Their behavior toward people other than me is very different, too.

    • Yes, you were right! The eyes don’t always photograph as yellow or orangey-brown, and the nature of smoke Persian pelage means it photographs as everything from grey to black, depending on how the light hits it.

  2. A Birman father eh? Birman are beautiful kitties. Mom had a Siamese that was part Birman. Every night at 11pm she would get up yell at mom and head to the bedroom. It was bedtime.

    I’m sure if I was there I could tell one kitty from the other….eventually. mol


    • I think you could, too! They are easily told apart once you are familiar with their behavior and those subtle body differences. I understand Birmans are used to help build up the Persian lines genetically. I once ,met their half-sister and an Auntie on their father’s side. It was a shock! They were very much Birmans and short-haired! I’ve met their mother, but not their father.

  3. They look so demure sitting with front paws neatly tucked up together.
    Was the Birman father there to bring in the lighter coloured genes to make their coats smoky on the ends ?

    • I don’;t know if that is the effect of a Birman father or not, but you can see Birman markings semi-hidden in the form of black legs and points on their heads. When they are groomed, their bodies are greyish, and the Birman markings are more prominent. It’s sort of like they are a melanistic Birman! If anyone can answer your question more specifically than what I wrote, I’d be interested in what they have to say.

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