Post 1685: mega-rerun time…

Wedgie Boys collage

Oops! I thought I had a post ready for today. In that smug state, I put off hitting the laptop. Then…in a panic, I realized I had several posts ready this week, all to run by my birthday yesterday! Sooo…it became a hastily organized mega-rerun day.

Fortunately, I happened to have this ready-made collage of the kitty boys that ran in a kitty boy and girl day book for 2018. Whew!


Forgive me for my oversight and see if you can identify which kitty boy is which in the photos above. There will be a pop quiz later…! No cheating, now! I have nuns with rulers proctoring the quiz room!

32 thoughts on “Post 1685: mega-rerun time…

  1. A beautiful selection of photos of the boys, Doug! Happy birthday to you, and give the boys a good scritch from me. ๐Ÿ™‚

    It has been snowing off and on here today, although it is melting just as fast as it is coming down.

    • Thank you, Lavinia! Scritching done and appreciated! We’ve had snow of late, followed by lovely weather. I think more’s on the way. Fortunately (?), the worst of it hits the Black Hills, north of me. Rapid City got 14 inches of snow last time, and we got enough to make the land white, but not much more. We seem to be on the edge of weather fronts here much of the time, and miss the worst of it!

    • Andy has a narrower face with yellow eyes, and Dougy has a more muscular-looking body with a broader head and wider set orangey-brown eyes. It takes a little practice, but the look a lot different in real life. They also are easier to identify when they are on favorite spots. For the most part, Andy never does more than use Dougy’s ottoman to hop over to his favorite place, the end table with the light on it.

  2. Happy birthday ๐ŸŽˆ one year older than me and I think we both are still very young. One of my fellow bloggers who I have followed for a long call her blog โ€œLife after 70

  3. Well, as you senior, I must say, I have no idea how you can manage to get confused of you blogs. the day it is, and forget things. I never do this. (Lie, Fib and Porkies Mode adopted here) Hahahaha! Great montage by the way, Doug!

    • Thank you! It was a great day, with an afternoon nap that wasn’t planned but turned out to be just the thing I needed! While I am a kitty person at the moment, I great up with dogs. I love the little fellows just as much as kitties!

  4. Happy birthday for yesterday. I can never tell the boys apart. I hope they enjoyed your birthday too. I turned 70 15 months ago, and my brother turns 70 next week. Seventy is the new forty.

    • Telling the boys apart is easiest in real life than in photos because they react differently to people. As a general rule, Andy is easiest to tell by his narrower face and yellow eyes, and Dougy has orangey-brown eyes that are wider-set than his brothers, and a wider face. Also, Dougy is a comedian cat, whereas Andy tends to be sweet and quiet, except at treat time if I forget to put out the treats!

    • It was a big birthday, nia – I turned 70 years old! I can’t imagine beinbg that old because I feel more like mid-30s mentally. Oh well! Seventy it is, and life is good!

          • I think it shows on our faces and in our actions when we have that positive attitude, too. I had a yoiung man say I looked like I was 26 years old. After I stopped laughing – he was very kind to say that and I am too grey-haired to fool anyone about my age! – I thanked him. He looked 15 to me, but a friend of mine was his teacher at one point and told me he is in his early 20s. Ha! Ha!

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