Post 1697: Andy has settled in…

Andy’s doing well since his time at the veterinarian’s, and his current favorite place to lounge and sleep is on top of the stacked carriers. He’s also spent a huge amount of time hanging out with me, happy to get copious “scritches” to make up for those he missed while sick. Best of all, he knows any time he follows me to the kitchen area, I’ll put out a few Greenies treats! Andy has settled in.


60 thoughts on “Post 1697: Andy has settled in…

      • That’s a fact. I left him there late Thursday morning, didn’t call of visit the clinic till late Saturday morning because I knew time would tell how he was doing. I really missed the little guy! Anyway, by two days, the new blood pressure medication had a chance to work: 190+ systolic on Thursday; 160 systolic on Saturday. Also, he looked really improved! By the time I picked him up Monday, (120 systolic), I knew he was ready to come home! I was ready to leave him there longer if that was what it took to help him heal, but am very glad it took just three days.

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  1. Andy seems healed at seeing the behavior you describe, It remains he has been serously attacked by the infection . Fortunately, Dough, the vet was a good one
    I got a reply of one of your reader . I checked to find he was german . Alas I am not gifted for stranger languages and not all for any language except a little of written English.
    In friendship


    • Je suis heureux avec le vétérinaire des minous! Il a prodigué les deux excellents soins toute leur vie.

      En ce qui concerne le problème de la langue, j’utilise beaucoup Google. Il gère assez bien les grandes langues européennes, bien que ce soit terrible pour le mandarin et d’autres langues asiatiques.

      I am pleased with the kitty boys’ veterinarian! He has given both excellent care all of their lives.

      As for the language problem, I use Google translate a lot. It handles major European languages well enough, though it is terrible on Mandarin and other Asian languages.


    • It was a huge relief to see how much improvement he showed so fast! The blood pressure problem must have been his major issue and that was brought down from 190+ systolic to 120 systolic. He’s even been pretty good about taking his medicine (for a kitty boy)!

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    • You got that exactly right, Kate! I was heart sick with worry when I saw how poorly he was last Thursday. When I visited him at the clinic Saturday after dialysis, his blood pressure was down from 190+ systolic to 160, and he looked hugely improved. By Monday, it was down to 120, and he looked (and no doubt felt) better!

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      • Exactly! I’m glad their veterinarian is so competent. Her hazs good peopler skills, too, explaining things completely, answering questions, making recommendations based on changes in their needs as the grow older. I have a lot to learn about cats, so any information I get that adds to the quality of life for the kitty boys is appreciated!

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    • You know it, Angela! I was especially pleased that Andy was insistent that I hand over the kitty treats every time I got up and went anywhere near the kitchen! I didn’t give him a lot each time, but I think he can handle more than recommended at the moment because he lost about a pound while sick. (10.4 pounds down to 9.4, approximately)

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