Post 1696: looking and waiting for Andy…

Dougy’s picking up on me being anxious for the phone call telling me Andy’s ready to be picked up. His first clue something was afoot, of course, was when I cleaned up. It usually means I’m headed out when I put on socks and shoes! 

Andy didn’t show up outside the back window, it seems…, so Dougy moved to a scratching board to catch Andy when he walked by from the guest bedroom.

No better luck! He looked and looked toward the bedroom. What’s up? Andy usually comes by…!


Not much better for me. I picked Dougy up and located a mat. I untangled it somewhat, then this small remainder came off in my fingers. Neatly “tied” around a bundle of his soft, under arm air, this would grow and grow if not pulled apart, trimmed off, or pulled off the affected kitty boy.

Dougy does not approve!

Whew! Dougy and I are really running out of time uses till we get the call telling us Andy can come home. Pulling mats off Dougy, indeed! 


(left) Andy last Thursday… (right) Andy when I brought him home 3rd April 2018!

Andy and Dougy spent several minutes sniffing each other, as I suspected they would. Andy helped himself to water at the water fountain, Greenies, and the litter box. Then he started hopping onto various favorite vantage points.

Both he and Dougy were fascinated with the smells on the carrier, which I left at the clinic. Dougy hopped into it, and Andy started to, then decided he’d rather perch on top of it since I’d stacked it again on top of another one, making a return of one of Andy’s all time favorite spots to perch and keep track of Dougy!

Andy’s blood pressure is down around 120 systolic, having been over 190 when I took him in. He seems cured of his urinary tract infection and the diarrhea.

All in all, Dougy and I are happy to have our little guy back home again, and he is quickly making himself at home again here! 




57 thoughts on “Post 1696: looking and waiting for Andy…

    • He’s been a good boy about the medicine. Of course, if he resists, I wrap him in a towel, immobilizing him enough that I can give him his medicine more easily.

    • Just having Andy home again was party enough! Dougy and Andy had a sniff-fest, reassuring each other things were back as they were, and Andy especially enjoyed hanging out with me so I could “scritch” him to make up for the days he was gone!

    • I’ve had two cats with high blood pressure. My first cat boy I had to give BP pills. My cat lady I have now gets a transdermal medicine every day. I rub a cream form of the BP medicine inside her ear. Works great.

      • I’ve heard about the cream. In fact, Andy’s veterinarian mentioned it as an option. I settled for the chicken flavor liquid, but the cream sounds like a winner. Maybe I’m check into changing to it…

          • Andy puts up resistance, for sure! He can’t twist his completely around or I wouldn’t be able to squirt the medicine into his mouth. I’ve always fed the kitty boys a combination of dray food and wet. It works for them. On the other hand, they won’t eat food with medicine in it or eat only some portion of it. It’s an inefficient way of medicating them.

        • Yes, it is a matter of BP medicine that (fortunately) can be made into liquid form in tuna or chicken flavor. Though Andy resists, he actually is a pretty good kitty boy when it comes to taking his medicine. Where Dougy fights being held on his back, Andy is very comfortable held that way, which is the easiest way to hold him to medicate him. I hope to avoid diabetes with the kitty boys by managing their diet. I think I could handle the injections since I had to give them to myself once when medication zapped me into a diabetic-like state requiring insulin. I know that the fine needles used for that injection barely register on the pain scale – a mosquito bite hurts like heck compared with the needle! – so the kitty boy or boys would barely notice the shot. I hope, at least, that would be the case!

        • I have a diabetic cat (and two diabetic sons!). My diabetic cat (he gets two shots per day) comes and asks for his shot (he gets treats afterwards). My cat with the BP also has thyroid issues. She gets that medicine on her other ear.

    • Yes, he will need BP medication for life, as I understand it. Apparently it isn’t unusual that cats can have BP issues, though I confess that Andy is the first cat I’ve known with the problem!

    • I can’t believe how dramatic the change in Andy in the short time he was at the clinic! His new blood pressure medication apparently is the big difference. It’s more potent than the old prescription.

  1. Pleased to hear he’s home safe and sound – I also heard that kibbles with yucca extract are good for sensitive tummies. It’s nice to hear the brothers were pleased to see each other too – my girls are horrible to each other till the “vetty” smell has worn off! 😺💕xxx

    • Andy and Dougy spent lots of their kittenhood in the same clinic where Andy was treated. Thanks to that experience, they are comfortable with dogs and the b=hubbub and smells of that specific clinic. Dougy and Andy did spend lots of time sniffing each other, but there were no squabbles.

    • We enjoyed some heavy loving, with lots of face rubs, petting, “scritching”, and kitty treats. Dougy and Andy continued to sniff each other more than usual, reassuring each other, I suppose, that they were back together!

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