Post 1703: Andy’s check-up at the veterinarian’s

Andy’s visit with his veterinarian yesterday was uneventful, though his blood pressure still needs a bit of work to get it from the 140’s systolic down to a more acceptable 120 range. His weight was up half a pound (from 9.4 up to 9.8/ 4.3 kilos to 4.5 kilos), a good sign of feeling better. He’s almost back to his regular weight!

He was an exceptionally good boy, gaining him a Greenie kitty treat from the staff when the exam was through! Of course, he got to spend it on a big, soft towel with a technician massaging his neck and face. He got so relaxed, his eyes closed in ecstasy. Being a good boy was a snap!

He also got a hygienic trim on his butt, which will help him maintain a proper kitty boy level of cleanliness.

He has a new appointment in May to see if his medication needs an adjustment to achieve the desired blood pressure level. The 140 systolic range is ok for a cat, just not ideal.

Oh yes, waiting for the exam, Andy met a really handsome miniature border collie, and showed what a well-disciplined kitty boy he is when around dogs. Though he isn’t thrilled to see his veterinarian, he enjoys meeting new cats and dogs in the waiting room.



60 thoughts on “Post 1703: Andy’s check-up at the veterinarian’s

  1. Maybe Andy can have a spa day at home to help reduce his blood pressure? Mom had to clip my derriere furrs this morning, so tell Andy I can sympathize. No kitty likes an unclean backside that’s fur sure.


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