Post 1702: Dougy stalks a ?

Dougy spotted something. Whatever it was, it occupied his interest for several minutes.Β 

24 thoughts on “Post 1702: Dougy stalks a ?

  1. It’s not easy to know what goes on in his mind. I often wonder what a cat is interested in. I guess they see things I don’t.
    This summer we shall look after a cat for a week. She is old, blind on one eye and can not eat normal cat food. We must mash it with a fork

    • It would be interesting to know exactly what the animals in our lives we thinking about!

      Andy and Dougy have difficulty eating wet food because of their Persian faces. I mask their wet food on the plate, add a little water to make a slurry, and they lap it up. They really clean the plate clean! Before I started preparing their food in this way, they wasted half or more of it simply because it was hard for them to eat.

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