Post 1764: best friends forever…

My friend Deborah’s granddaughter Rosie and Deborah’s kitty boy Charles have something going on between them, as this note from Deborah details:

Rosie loves Charles so much that I now feel terrible when it’s time to leave.  She “took care of him” while I was at the monastery and when I came to pick him up, I could see she was not prepared to let him go.  So he sent her a postcard from Maine.

charles enjoying sun

Charles loves the sun, too!

When I saw her this weekend she told me she sleeps with the postcard under her pillow so she can see it first thing in the mornings when she wakes up.  She had written her letter to Charles and promptly read it to him as soon as we arrived this time.  It will be hard for her again when we leave tomorrow— she was already fretting about it yesterday.


Little girls and kitties! Say it all together, now… awwwwww! 

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