Post 1779: Andy’s current hiding spot…


Andy is pretty good about taking his medicine, but he doesn’t necessarily give me carte blanche  access to his hiding spots. 

Currently, he hides on top of my bedroom dresser. It replaces the top of the nightstand in the guest bedroom, both of which have been used in rotation with other spots. When I need him, I just walk up to the dresser, pet him a time or two, then pick him up. He’s been very compliant that way.

Any resistance starts once I wrap him in the towel and put the syringe-full of medicine up to his lips. Even then, he takes in most of the medicine most of the time. Of course, the reward for being a good kitty boy is a kitty treat of Greenies!


As noted before, I’m not compensated for mentioning the kitty boys’ favorite treat, Greenies. Their veterinarian stocks them and that’s the only treat of that sort they know.