Post 1770: old toy, new toy…

IMG_20180617_024440 (1)

Peacock feathers take a beating here. One or two plays and they are broken, shredded, chewed, pretty much ghosts of the magnificent things they once were.

“What if,” I thought, “I poke it through this empty paper towel tube?” Whoa! New toy!

Dougy in particular likes to dig for his “prey”, attracted to the movement under a towel, blanket or the recliner, so he really gets his kitty on when I make the feather act like an exotic snake, popping out of its paper towel tube hiding place. Rawr!!

Recyled peacock feathers extend the fun for my kitty boy used this way. Best of all, Dougy gets play in the way he likes to be amused. He pounces, he bites, he digs at the end of the tube, trying to pull the feather creature out for the kill. It’s great fun for cat and human! 

Which end is more attractive? The quill end, so I’m very careful not to poke it out too fast or when Dougy’s face is too near the end. I’d feel terrible if I poked him in the eye.


[NOTE: Dougy used to be frightened by empty paper towel tubes. You know, kind of a “cat and cucumber” reaction. Since I started this peacock feather-paper towel tube business, he is the brave kitty boy, losing his fear of “The Tube Monster”!]