Post 1765: best friends forever, part II

There are more “evidences” of Rosie and Charles the kitty boy’s best friendship forever commitment. My friend Deborah notes this about her granddaughter Rosie’s ways to keep Charles in mind when he isn’t around to snuggle:

 [T]his is a poster her uncle James gave her for Christmas.  She crossed out the irrelevant writing and put in “Charls” and made the eyes more orange to match her BFF’s eyes. It’s right beside her bed. [The poster is upper right, above.]

Deborah continues:

Rosie is out so I was able to verify the postcard under the pillow story.

[See the postcard in the photo above, left? Andy and Dougy wonder how anyone could doubt that Charles is worshiped by Rosie. “Aren’t all cats gods?” they chirp. Duh!