Post 1774: Bugged…!


It’s that time of year. Bugs get inside and the kitty boys have fits trying to get to them. This morning, Dougy spotted a bug on the ceiling. He wants it! MEOW!


Poor kitty! The bug won’t move. It’s still in the same spot on the ceiling. What’s a kitty boy to do?

25 thoughts on “Post 1774: Bugged…!

  1. You have to thank all feline gods that the bug is on the ceiling and not within their reach! My guys (especially girls, for some reason!) chase Palmetto bugs across the floor and play with them. We are on the first floor, so Palmetto bugs are unavoidable, occasionally.

    • For sure! I had to leave before Dougy found and killed?) the bug concerned. I fully expected to come back to a destroy home, especially since I saw the bug on a lampshade. I didn’t
      let Dougy know! LOL!

    • I was pleased with it. I’d be happier if the transitions were smoother, but it shows a typical kitty boy response to something yummy and alive!

    • Ha! If you know hoe =w they chirp when excited, you could hear him for sure while watching the GIF! If I even located a replacement for Microsoft Movie, that is “free”, I would like to make videos of the kitty boys again.

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